Mario’s 25th Anniversary Video Contest

Nintendo have announced a video contest to celebrate their Italian plumber’s 25th birthday. Yes, it really has been a quarter of a century since Mario first bounced into our lives, created by Nintendo legend and terminally happy chappy, Shigeru Miyamoto.  While we’re busy crying into our Ovaltine at how old we are, here at GLHQ, having played his tentative original adventures back on the Game and Watch and NES, we’d best spill the beans on the contest.

To celebrate, Nintendo are encouraging Mario fans the world over to hop over to their official site and  submit a video, showing them just how much you love Mario.  No, before you rush off and start filming Yoshi porn, they’re after you chatting about your favourite games, how you play, and showing off your love for the games in whatever imaginative way  that you can.

Up for grabs in exchange for your soulful and indubitably witty outpourings are a special Wii console bundle.  On top of that, the first 5,000 participants whose video ends up in the gallery will snag a special reward.  So, get those creative juices flowing and head over to the official Ninty site to get in on the Mario love.  Just don’t tell Peach that you’re here to fix her fridge…she’s heard it before and there is probably a clause in the terms and conditions somewhere advising against it.

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