When Dinos Ruled the Wii

Who doesn’t like dinosaurs, seriously?  Okay, you there, get out, what’s wrong with you?  Right.  Well, here at GLHQ, largely thanks to our motion control apathy, we don’t usually get too excited by Wii titles, at least until Wii Stringfellows sees a release (no pun intended).

However, anything involving dinosaurs (or pirates) is guaranteed our attention, so when Ubisoft revealed the upcoming Dinosaurs Strike for the Wii, our jaded ears pricked up.

Dinosaurs Strike is the latest in the Combat of Giants series and offers players the chance to pick out, pimp up, and fight with a dinosaur of your choice in both single and multiplayer modes.  While the colourful graphics are a long way from Primal Rage back on the faithful Snes, and though the game will likely be a kiddie friendly fest rather than the blood-soaked kingdom of carnage that it should be, we’ll reserve judgement on the final game until the November release.  With all the serious triple A titles landing at the end of the year, kicking arse and taking some Jurassic names should offer some sort of respite…if the WiiMote/Nunchuck combo don’t prove as difficult as extracting blood from a mosquito’s backside that is.

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