Worms Returns To PC With ‘Reloaded’

After nearly ten years away, 2D annelid carnage returns to the PC next month in the form of Worms: Reloaded.  Having started out on the PC and quickly spreading to consoles and handhelds, Worms is one of those games that you’ve likely heard of, even if you haven’t played it.

Indeed, despite the franchise not really changing much in its 15 year lifespan, it has sold in excess of 25 million copies and become one of gaming’s all time favourite multiplayer mashups thanks to its twisted humour, simple gameplay, and warped-to-hell weaponry.

Whether you’re a Worms veteran or a r00kie, Team 17 promise that Worms: Reloaded will reintroduce much of what gamers adored about the game’s halcyon days on top of a wealth of new additions to keep the franchise fresh.  With an eye-watering 60 single player missions, a fully featured landscape creator, customisation system, and 45 plus weapons, Team 17 are pushing the boat out to deliver the best Worms experience yet to celebrate the game’s return its spiritual home.

Worms: Reloaded will be available to download on 26th August, with pre orders opening on Steam from today and which includes a 10% discount and early access to the game to hone your bazooka skills.  Personally, after oogling the trailer, we’re loving the look of the landscape creator here at GLHQ, it’s just a question of whether the bewbs or cock camp will win out in the scramble to create the first level.

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  1. Samuel Samuel says:

    I love Worms. The first game came with my original Playstation, and I went out and hunted down the enhanced MS-DOS version and the expansion pack, played all of the games in the franchise since, and even though the games haven’t changed very much (if you don’t count Worms 3D, anyway, which was crap), I still find them amusing.

    I’m sure I’ll wind up picking this one up too, since it’s getting harder and harder to force Worms 2 and Worms World Party to run on modern PCs without crashing.

  2. Lorna Lorna says:

    Agreed, have loved this game since the days of the Amiga and managed to max both the XBLA titles out. The landscape creator looks pretty interesting.

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