Playlogic Files For Bankruptcy

Is this the end?

The developers of last year’s kooky, fairytale carnage-fest, Fairytale Fights, have seen their financial woes swell and culminate in Bankruptcy this week.  The New York/Amsterdam based developer, according to Gamasutra, filed for the Dutch equivalent of Chapter 11, after a lengthy list of troubles including overdue payments, loan defaults, and bad cash flow.  Not only has Playlogic struggled with its own creditors, some of whom have initiated legal proceedings to recover their money, but the developer claims that Koch Media, their major distribution partner, owes them around 1.7 million Euros.

The upshot is that unless Playlogic receives a financial bailout, they’ll be shutting up shop for good.  While Fairytale Fights didn’t set the gaming world on fire, the concept and gameplay were engaging enough as to be enjoyable despite the flaws, so it would indeed be a shame if Playlogic slipped, like so many others, into the night.

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