1 VS. 100 Cancelled

The game which swallowed half your friend list on Live, 1 vs. 100, sadly won’t be returning for another season after Microsoft announced that they were cancelling it.  1 vs. 100 is a trivia rich game show, based on the TV show of the same name, which pits the player against a mob of other gamers, with a range of prizes for the player lucky enough to be chosen as ‘the one’ or otherwise to be in ‘the mob’.  According to Gamesutra:

“It’s apparently been a constructive way for Microsoft to experiment with live, ad-supported game content, as the program has always been free to Xbox Live Gold subscribers.”

It would appear highly likely that we will see similar concepts rearing their heads on Live in the future as Microsoft build on the foundation laid by 1 vs. 100, indeed, with the game allegedly drawing over 114,000 simultaneous contestants at its peak, we’d say that the future of such games is a given.

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  1. Knikitta says:

    I was truly devastated when I heard this news yesterday.

    I played as much as I could, usually with Rynstex, but sometimes on my own. It was nice doing something together, and a bit of a giggle doing all our dance moves!

    We might not be the brainiest pair, but we certainly had a lot of fun. Most times we even made ‘finger food’ for the 1vs100 nights to minimise leaving the room for any reason.

  2. Kat says:


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