Split/Second: Velocity Races To PSP

After gathering some impressive reviews, including ours here at GamingLives, it seems that Split/Second: Velocity will be burning rubber on the PSP this Winter.

Disney Interactive Studios have announced that after the success of the game on other consoles, Split/Second: Velocity would be a perfect fit for the handheld, and have tweaked it to include controls and handling geared specifically towards the PSP.  Not only that, but Disney are promising an exclusive new track and set of challenges.

Split/Second: Velocity, rather than just conforming to the standard racing template, presents opportunities for eye-melting mayhem with triggered ‘power plays’ providing explosive, track altering moments.  The dynamic setting and ferociously competetive gameplay should make it a winner for the PSP if Disney can pull off the transition.

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  1. Samuel The Preacher says:

    It could well be the PSP’s Mario Kart DS, if they do a decent job of porting it.

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