Steam Summer Sale…

By Grabthar's Hammer... what a savings

Steam join in the summer discount trend with their own huge summer sale, with some decent reductions on a wide selection of titles.  With a string of heavy hitters plundering the purses of gamers this year, any price cuts are more than welcome if it means pennies saved towards the rich Autumn lineup.

Running until July 4th, the sale includes hefty slices off games from Codemasters, Rockstar, Valve and more, not to mention 66% off all 2K games including Borderlands, 25% off the Square Enix and Eidos collection, and 33% off all Ubisoft games, so get stuck in while you can.

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  1. Ben Ben says:

    This is going to get messy, so very messy.

    Overload collection for just £3.75? SOLD instantly, Bioshock 2 for under a tenner? SOLD. Time to start auctioning off body parts on eBay again.

  2. Iain says:

    Fuck, I’d just got myself out of debt as well :(

  3. Mark R MarkuzR says:

    OMG, I’m all over this like a ras… oh wait… my bad. What I meant was “Steam is hell bent on destroying my PC and going near it again will mean utter destruction, the likes of which the world hasn’t seen since Duran Duran attempted singing A View To A Kill at Live Aid”.

  4. Samuel The Preacher says:

    Forget the sale, any chance to make a Galaxy Quest joke is worth reporting on! Heh.

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