Dreamcast Library Goes Digital

News that Dreamcast aficionados have long waited for – Sega have confirmed that their library of Dreamcast titles will be going digital, the first of which are due to arrive on XBLA and Playstation Network in the Autumn, with Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi leading the charge.

“These digital re-releases will be enhanced for the modern age, with improved resolution, surround sound, online leaderboards and Achievements/Trophies.”

Sounds good to us.  Little is known about other future releases, so Dreamcast fans will have to hang tight for at least a while.  There is a chance that Sega may well reveal more at E3…fingers crossed.

Source: Destructoid

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  1. Richie richie says:

    They did a sterling job with the Rez remake, so this could be good. Even if my favourite DC game, Bomber Hehhe, has -20902194% chance of being ported ever.

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