Activision Launch Independent Games Compo

As one of the largest publishers in gaming, giving a leg up to aspiring developers should come easily for a giant like Activision and with the launch of their ‘Independent Games Competition’ they aim to do just that.

Offering big cash prizes for the best in-development games, the compo will be made up of two stages, the first of which runs from now through to October this year.  According to C&VG:  “The first place winner will receive a cash prize of $175,000 with the second place winner receiving $75,000 to assist with the development of their game.”

Sadly for budding game developers outside the USA, you’ll just have to press your face against the glass and hope for similar opportunities closer to home, since only US based efforts will be eligible.  Sad news indeed for GamingLives writer Lee’s ‘Justbiglee’s Big Adventure;)

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