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Resident Evil 6 – Review

Resident Evil 6 – Review

For a long time now, the Resident Evil series has been going through some changes, and like most things, it hasn’t always worked out so well. Resident Evil 4 saw the series move from the trademark fixed-camera view to an over-the-shoulder third-person view, brought in…

Resident Evil 6 Achievements Revealed

Those waiting impatiently for Capcom’s upcoming zombie-fest, Resident Evil 6, may be able to stave off the hunger with the newly revealed achievement list for the game.  Quite extensive, and with a number of tantalising secrets, it looks like a well rounded bunch for completionists.…

New Resident Evil 6 Screenies – Ada Wong Kicking Arse

What’s that shuffling over the hill?  Why, it’s a handful of Resident Evil 6 screenies, just set to make our Friday.  These feature the gorgeous, and kick-arse Ada Wong, taking on the undead without so much as dirtying her red shirt.  That’s class.  So are…

Umbrella Umbrella Resident Evil 6 Pre-Order Bonus

If there was ever a more fitting pre-order bonus, then an Umbrella Corporation Umbrella has to be it.  Anyone who pre-orders Resident Evil 6 through Capcom’s online store is in line for a full size Umbrella Corporation branded umbrella.  According to the