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A Gathering of Freaks

A Gathering of Freaks

Vanilla and coconut... oh yes At first mention, The Gathering evokes a sense of sinister trepidation, a horde of glassy-eyed children standing around a huge woodland fire as they chant to summon some horrendous beast from the bowels of Hades and offer one of their…

Activision Pull EA Into West/Zampella Lawsuit

Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’, keep those lawsuits rollin’.  Remember the fascinating lovers’ tiff earlier this year that gave the gaming world the closest thing to a soap opera that we’re likely to have, namely the whole Activision, Infinity Ward, West/Zampella, exodus, EA hooha?  Well, it is…

Kotick Hits Out At EA, Schafer, And More

Well, it seems that gaming’s favourite hate-figure, Bobby Kotick is on a roll, with his interview in this month’s Edge magazine giving him a chance to sound off against a roster of targets.  According to Kotick, Activision’s greatest rivals, EA, are ‘struggling’.  “Great people don’t