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Lost In Oblivion

Lost In Oblivion

The crowd roars, but the only thing I can hear is my pulse pounding. A minotaur twice my size swings his weapon directly for my head. My shield barely halts the blow, I feel my gauntlet crack from the pressure. Fix it later. The minotaur

Skyrim Details Emerge From Game Informer

Set 200 years after Oblivion, squashing early rumours which suggested that it would be a direct sequel, the game takes place in the Skyrim region of Cyrodiil (natch).  Skyrim is known as a harsh, cold, mountainous region, often beset by civil war and upheaval and…

Elder Scrolls V In Production?

If it isn’t true, there will be a lot of broken hearts out there, but Eurogamer Denmark have reported (via an unnamed source) that Elder Scrolls V is not only on the cards but is currently in production (and appears to have been so for…