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Feb 2010 - Sep 2011

A failed novelist and wannabe tyrannical despot, Samuel Ramsden (better known on the Gaming Lives forums as The Preacher, or on Xbox Live as the Erudite Knight) spends his days now in quiet contemplation of the almighty, the unknown, and the downright bizarre.

If you see a strange little prematurely middle-aged looking man wearing a silly hat and sporting a beard and wild-eyed expression, spouting non-sequiturs and unashamedly laughing at everyone around him and the ironies of life, you may have met The Preacher. Alternately, you could simply live in a town or village that retains the venerated English tradition of the local nutter. Don’t try and find out which it is, as rabies is a painful thing to experience, and cannot be recommended to anyone. Also unhelpful is his home town’s insistence on having at least five resident loonies, so the odds are not in your favour.

His taste in games is fairly eclectic, but he has a particular passion for strategy (both real-time and turn-based), flight simulators, driving games, J-RPGs and RPGs.

His ambition in life was to find a woman who will let him touch her, and survive to tell the tale. Having recently managed to accomplish that, he mostly just twiddles his thumbs and analog sticks these days, reading dark texts and plotting evil thoughts.

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