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Immersed in gaming from an early age, thanks to a couple of handed down Spectrums and a copy of 'Booty', I spent much of my early gaming days furtively ripping maps and columns from my dad's Your Sinclair and Crash magazines and building what is now a nostalgic portfolio of fave games which include Chuckie Egg and Skool Daze.

Moving on to Amigas, interspersed with a myriad of consoles, magazines, and gaming tat ensured that my gaming interests remained one of the few time burning constants and guaranteed that the storage space in any home I now attempt to move into is immediately requisitioned.

Nowadays, surrounded by monolithic bookcases of games, magazines, and tat, the Xbox360 and PC demand my attention, striving to drive back the gaming apathy which crept into my life one dark day. With a lingering fondness for text adventures, school thuggery, and fun, I have developed mixed modern tastes which is only ever a good thing I suppose.

However, in deference to those heady text adventure days, I still remain a map-making fetishist and for a small fee will sneak behind the bikesheds and show you my Lords of Time maps.

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