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My name is Kristofer Buchanan and I love videogames. I’ve been gaming since I was young, obsessed with Sonic the Hedgehog on the Sega Mega Drive (or Genesis for you pesky Americans) and to a lesser extent Mario on the Super Nintendo. What secured my evolution from average person to serious gamer was a fateful summer where I broke my arm playing football and ended up playing the JRPG invasion hit Final Fantasy 7 for an entire summer. This led to finding other RPGs and what started as a necessity became true love with a medium I’d yet to fully sink my teeth into.

Medieval Total War was the turn based, RTS combo that really gripped hold of me, leading to many late nights and some horizon watching late mornings, giving me the gaming stamina needed for my first MMO Star Wars Galaxies. Observing the player-economy of SWG opened my eyes to how games can create amazing relationships across continents very quickly. I love games because they allow the player to interact with the world and characters in ways that other media do not; they give players tasks and they use their creativity to work together (or against each other) in completing them – and it is invariably fascinating to watch. Multiplayer gaming is like taking part in a charming social experiment. I’m also pretty sure I’ve been addicted to an MMORPG in my time.

What I love about a new game is the challenge of learning a new system of laws and tools for solving objectives, as such I love to play almost any game (but especially sandbox RPGs and strategy games) on any console (but especially PC). In a more narrative driven game what I love is a game that creates an immersive world that is beautifully written and voiced, graphics are less my concern. Worlds, communities, stories – and of course shooting and chainsawing other players – are the aspects that make gaming great.

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