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I could tell you many interesting things about myself, such as my biceps cause car wrecks. However, I don’t want to start this off with an exaggeration. Note, I did not say it was a lie. Anyway, in the interest of appealing to your interests, I’ll keep this related to gaming.

Despite my youthful appearance, the hot console when I was a lad was the Atari. From the first time I flipped the power switch, I discovered I had a seemingly magical mastery of the medium. Sorry, I did it again. From Pitfall to present day, I've dabbled in most of the various gaming realms and my enthusiasm has only increased over the years. With more and more games giving the feeling of controlling a movie, it's hard not to sit in the Director's Chair. That's what I call my gaming chair anyway. Okay, not really.

For the most part, I enjoy a buffet of game genres. And while I could provide a list of particular favorites, I’ll just say I'm most keen on RPGs, action adventure and shooters. I also fancy online multiplayer of both the co-op and competitive variety. I say competitive, but I don’t take it too seriously. I like to do well, but having fun with it (which usually means being weird with unsuspecting folks online) is my top priority.

Anyway, glad to be here. I’ll try to serve up the silly on a regular basis.

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