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Ian. 26 and a quarter. Part-time hobbit, full time tea drinker. Enjoys kittens, sarcasm and vidjamagames. Two out of three of which he hopes to share with you in his writing.

A brief gaming history, if I may. The first game I remember playing was Alex Kidd in Miracle World, that awesome built in game from the Sega Master System II. That was the first console I owned, and as a 4 year old kid, it was a small, perfect, black box of wonder. I actually still own it, all these years later. And it still works! Score one for 1980s build quality.

Shortly afterwards, it had a companion - a shiny new NES, complete with R.O.B. He died, though; apparently, adults in the early 90s confused flat batteries with terminal death. Thanks, Dad.

From there I was weaned on the 8-bit wonders of the world; The Lion King, Moonwalker, Duck Tales, Duck Hunt (I liked ducks), Excitebike, AfterBurner.....they all got a good abusing. So much so, that I entirely missed the 16-bit gen.

So after abusing these two hardy consoles for the best part of 8 years, I was awarded with a Playstation on my 12th birthday. This is the day that I became a 'gamer'. I gobbled through games. I played games like other people ate breakfast; with a side of orange juice.

Since then, nothing remarkable to report. I moved from the PS1 to the PS2, and since being old enough to have my own income, I've also acquired a PSP (used only for PSone classics), a PS3 (glorified DVD player), an Xbox 360 (4 RRoDs and counting), and an all singing, all dancing super mega gaming PC. With the obligatory fancy lights.

So you could say I'm a bit of an all rounder. My flag isn't nailed firmly to any mast; if it's enjoyable, I'll play it, regardless of genre, hype or platform.

I hope to share with you all my love of gaming, of the industry of my hobby. And maybe some unrelated stuff, too.

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