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Hello, my name is Graham and I’m an idiot.

I have been playing video games since I was a little boy and have always been happy to occupy that lovely middle ground between casual and hardcore gamer; able to enjoy games without feeling too much pressure to actually be any good. I’m on my second Xbox 360 (the first one died) and, like everyone else, I have a Wii gathering dust under the TV.

I tend to play GTA clones (Saints Row, Just Cause etc.) and I have dabbled with the odd FPS online, an endeavour which usually results in rage-quitting as I get my ass handed to me yet again. I play games on my iTelephone sometimes, but that doesn’t really count.

When I’m not playing games (which is sadly most of the time these days), I work for a software company. I like F1, photography and reading, and I spend too much of my life on Twitter doing the internet equivalent of shouting non-sequiturs at other people, myself and the walls.

I live in Lincoln with my lovely wife and two cats and we will soon be joined by an actual baby human which I helped make (ask your parents.)

My favourite colour is red and I like the Beatles

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