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Cottingly Welles is a prolific writer and moustache collector, dwelling in the fair and sunny climes of Inverness where, between clipping animals out of topiaries and making chutney, she sets her ruthless sights on the videogame industry.

Reviews, previews, interviews are all par for the course for Cottingly, as she takes a birch to the industry and thrashes out the bullshit, bringing her devoted readers the cold truth, the cutting edge reality, and the shivering, naked, puckered facts as she finds them.

An avid gamer since the age of 2.5 months, Cottingly owns every game console and handheld that she has been able to steal, and considers herself an expert in most things. Her favourite games include, Gender Stereotype Tycoon, Hero Zest, the Elder Scrawls series, and BattleShock Infinite 3. Her notable achievements include inventing ice-cream, setting up a Goomba rescue charity, and convincing Keyser Soze that he doesn’t exist.

Cottingly was last seen heading for Loch Ness with an inflatable dinosaur… be afraid.

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