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Jan 2010 - Feb 2012

Me? Well I'm just your average gamer with a passion for RPGs, especially those that come prefixed with the letters MMO, which have an unhealthy knack of literally sucking my life away and before you know it I’m a blue husk sat at my desk muttering “just three more badger skins and this quest is done”, let me tell you now – that was one long winter.

In truth I happen to like most genres of games, there’s just some that I prefer more to others. RPG, Action adventure, and strategy being my holy trinity while odds are you are never likely to catch me playing a fighting game, even less likely to see me playing a baseball game. I quite like racing games but an emphasis on the likes of arcade style racers and not on the simulation ones as with the latter I just tend to end up ploughing into a wall at 190Mph, not good.

I do suffer from "one more turn" syndrome where I sometimes get highly involved in a game, you can blame Civilization II for that.

I’m a part time crusader of fizzy sweets, full time adventurer of Cherry Coke and I have an unhealthy addiction to Cadbury’s Crème Eggs.

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