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Ever since I played Wolfenstein 3D, aged three, sitting on my dad’s lap so I could reach the keyboard, I’ve been hooked on video games. Having grown up (I am now quite capable of reaching the keyboard without a parent’s assistance) and played my way through numerous consoles (most of which I still hoard, like electronic treasure) I’m glad to say that video games continue to form as big a part of my life as ever.

Other games from my childhood that hold a special place on my shelf include the X-COM series, pretty much anything made for the N64 and the Legend of Kyrandia series, a good old fashioned point and click affair.

Nowadays the Xbox 360 has taken pride of place next to the television, although I’ve developed the expensive habit of buying Nintendo consoles just so I can play the latest Zelda games. I mainly play strategy games (Total War, Civilisation, etc) or RPGs (Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Mass Effect, etc), although I am only partial to shooters when friends ask nicely for someone to co-op with (Borderlands is a strong favourite). I’m not a fan of fighting games, mainly because I’m awful at them and don’t like losing.

When I’m not gaming I try to keep on top of my history degree (this mostly involves playing Medieval Total War under the guise of research). Other activities include sleeping, eating and complaining about how there’s nothing good on television.

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