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Jan 2010 - Nov 2011

I tried blowing on a 360 game to see if it would make it work, apparently it just makes it a lot harder for the laser to read past all the tiny flecks of spit. There are some things that are lost to time in the Gaming world and I'm quite possibly one of them. Having been born into the age of 8 bit, I've never been far away from video games and even achieved the accolade of spending 4 years working in Video Games Retail before moving on to study the writers craft in the South-West of England.

I say study; I've learnt a lot about Mining/Blacksmithing and spent far too long correcting the grammar of the younglings on Xbox Live, a perfectly reasonable way to spend ones education.

From the RPG days of Black Isle Studios to the MMO days of Star Wars: Galaxies, from Titus the Fox to 'Splosion Man and from 8 bit to 1.5 gigabit, there really is no virtual stone left unturned in my Gaming Life.

The articles published here on are reflections on my experiences with the games I play, the games I played (and the games I can't quite understand why anyone would ever want to play) as well as my experience in the industry and some fairly abstract revisions of popular themes in modern gaming.

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