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Adam is a Southern California gaming, writing, comic reading, bass playing college student just looking for his niche in life. He likes to brag that he was born with a controller in his hand, and the truth isn’t too far off. Adam started his digital conquests back in the 8-bit era of classics like Mario, Metriod, and Mega Man, even “flipping” the original Legend Of Zelda before he could read. Since then Dr. Robotnik and his ilk have never stood a chance, and long summers spent alone in the desert have sharpened his gaming skills like the edge of the Hayabusa katana.

Despite the claim to “1337” status, Adam is a firm believer that games are meant to be played for pure enjoyment first and foremost. If it’s not going to be fun then it’s not going to be worth playing is the idea he takes to heart every time he picks up the pad.

His strong suits lie in Action Adventure games, RPGs, with the Occasional FPS for variety sake. His love of music also draws him to games like Guitar Hero and RockBand. He would also give a fond “Thank You” to Final Fantasy VII, without that game he may have put down the controller a long time ago.

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