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Gamer. Geek. Ginger.

Adam has been a gamer since the age of five, when he was first exposed to an Amstrad running Harrier Attack on a green-screen monitor; since then he has dabbled with Master Systems, Mega Drives, Dreamcasts, NESs, SNESs, Gameboys, N64s, DSs, Wiis, Playstations and Xboxes while always coming back to his trusty PC. During the brief periods when he is not gaming or sleeping, he works as an IT Consultant to fund his gaming habit, plays with servers, fiddles with Twitter, blogs a bit and occasionally leaves the house.

Though jaded, bitter and cynical, he still considers gaming an incredible medium, with the ability to evoke joy, despair, fear, excitement, love and hate as well as - or better than - any film, book or artwork. For this reason he sometimes writes things about it; very occasionally, people read them.

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