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Best of 2010 – Schrodinger’s Clicker

Best of 2010 – Schrodinger’s Clicker

First Published: July 22, 2010
Voted By: Samuel
Reasons for Vote:
I just think that this is the best article on the site to date. It’s a very detailed, very in-depth, very well written dissection of the game, building upon it as well as commenting…

Time Votes Alan Wake As Game of 2010

Well, it’s that time of year, when people start clearing their throats and talking about what they consider to be game of the year, while others either slump back in an apathetic heap and click on, or else inflate like puff adders and prepare to…

Alan Wake – New DLC Trailer

The trailer for the (supposedly) final chunk of Alan Wake DLC has now hit the net, courtesy of developer, Remedy, with the release date slated for 12th October.  ‘The Writer’ DLC appears to suggest that, with Zane’s help, Wake will bring his nightmare, introduced in…