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Divinity: Dragon Commander – Review

Divinity: Dragon Commander – Review

Being able to sort games into genres allows us, as gamers, to organise and define the best of individual game types. For example, Half Life 2 is one of the best first person shooters, Company of Heroes is one of the best real time strategies…

Skyrim To Feature Infinite Quests

As if RPGs didn’t suck away enough of our life already, it seems that the upcoming time-sink, Skyrim, will feature infinite quests.  Yep, according to Skyrim director, Todd Howard, in an interview with Wired magazine, Skyrim will boast a “never-ending stream of procedurally generated content,

Live Action Skyrim Trailer Released

Yes, you read correctly.  A live action Skyrim trailer.  Need we say more?  Well, if you insist.  We clicked the link with no small amount of apprehension, wondering how naff it would be and were actually pleasantly surprised.  Grimy, under-saturated, and pretty sexy was the…