Lee loves Twitter.  A lot.  Out of the blue one day, the GamingLives Twitter suddenly announced a “Reply&Retweet” question which has since become a weekly trend, inviting our Twitter followers to interact more than just “we played this” or “this game sucks”.  For you, a selection of questions and answers from the GamingLives “Reply&Retweet” posers… brainchild of Lee, the addict.

The Friday Community Reply&ReTweet sent in by @bigsneakyninja
Reply&ReTweet: What game has had the most satisfying ending?

  • Bioshock 2 had me in happy and sad tears, but Heavy Rain has definitely had me the most satisfied. :D Or LoZ:Majora’s Mask. :D
  • Halo 3 – the “Wake me when you need me” part. I just got this big grin, remembering the opening of H1, full circle and all.
  • Just being able to finish Demon’s Souls was pretty damn satisfying. Because of the challenge, not the story.
  • I don’t know i’ve never completed a video game in my life!
  • What game has had the most satisfying ending? Bioshock good ending and Lost Odyssey.
  • Ok, you’ve stumped me. I can’t think of ANY game that was particularly rewarding to complete. Surely that’s a bad sign??
  • Assassins Creed 2. Made me and my house mate scream WTF loudly. That means it was a good ending for us.
  • MGS4 – finally it all fits together and makes (kind of) sense. Tho singing along to “Still Alive” after Portal is v.satisfying
  • Jet Set Willy! A feat like that in todays gaming world would net you a whopping 2million achievement points!
  • Going on the basis that Mirror’s Edge was supposed to be a trilogy, I thought the emding was a good setup for the sequel.
  • Peggle. It gave me a diploma!
  • Going back a few years, but I loved Planescape:Torment ending!
  • To me its definitely Braid. Spent hours working out them puzzles, but was worth it as the ending was Mindblowing. Worth the £10
  • I loved Halo 3 ending (but I would), Portal was awesome too.
  • Pacman u should c it 3D HD CGI amazing, no but really Windwaker or Silent Hill, don’t get to finish games much
  • Heavy Rain, getting one of the best endings possible knowing it was because I didn’t mess up too much along the way!

Inspired by Richie’s Article “I Remember When This Was All Just Green Pixels”
Reply&ReTweet: What’s your first gaming memory?

  • Loading up Manic Miner on the soft key Speccy 48k
  • My parents buying my brother and I a ZX Spectrum +2
  • Playing on my cousin’s Colecovision – we were too poor until we got an Atari VCS
  • Being in a hotel that had Space Invaders and Galaxians. Never liked Space Invaders since that day
  • Playing Galaxian on one of the table gaming things at the local social club many years ago
  • Waiting a lifetime for Street Fighter 2′s character select screen to load on the Commodore. To then wait just as long to play.
  • Combat on cousin’s VCS. Space Invaders in hotel lobby. Binatone Pong. Jet set Willy on Spectrum
  • Being presented the NES on my 5th birthday and playing With Duck Hunt and Rob The Robot in gyromite!
  • Dad’s Sega Mega Drive with Altered Beast and Sonic 1 – me and @PartWelsh claimed it the moment it was out the box
  • First arcade memory was playing Space Invaders and home gaming first would be Oh Mummy on the Speccy.
  • New Zealand story on the Amiga 500
  • Playing Blue moon on the C64.
  • Smashing Super Mario on a funky Ziliton or being coolest boy in the street with a futuristic Mortal Kombat later on
  • Playing Horace Goes Skiing on our Spectrum. I thought the skiing section was as good as it got!
  • loading Chequered Flag on the Spectrum and racing around Silverstone using manual gears. I know… I’m cool lol!
  • Getting given a SNES and Super Mario Allstars when I was about 10 and forging an entire lifestyle from there.
  • Jungle Hunt on Atari 800 :) and International Karate that never loaded :(
  • The loading times for Frogger on the C64… then getting the error message and starting again >.<
  • Playing new Zealand story on my Amiga 500 when I was about 9
  • Xmas when I was about 6-7, my stepdad got his old TV-boy out and we played Pong
  • Getting my first computer in 1980 and typing in “play a game” then, when it didn’t work “play frogger”. Also didn’t work.
  • Playing Harrier Attack with my Dad on our C64!
  • My first gaming memory was Space Invaders on an old Atari my dad borrowed. Then it was my Speccy zx. :D Rubber key god!
  • Being handed the controller for Alex the Kid on the Sega Master System II
  • First arcade one: Space Invaders. First home experience: Roland on the Ropes, on the Amstrad CPC 464.
  • Sitting in a tent around my cousins playing Combat on the Atari 2600.
  • The Commodore 64 crashing at the very last minute!! Aaarrrgghhhh that was so blimin frustrating!!
  • Me playing SMW on the SNES
  • Earliest gaming memory is playing Frogger on my first computer… an Acorn Electron!
  • Up, Down, Left, Right, A + Start… The cheat for Sonic 1 on the MegaDrive. And the only one I know by heart!
  • The ping pong type game way back in the 70′s.. ok i’m old lol
  • Peeking my head through my big brothers room to see him playing Zelda on the NES before it got slammed in my face :(

The Friday Community Reply&ReTweet sent in by @MarkuzR
Reply&ReTweet: If you could be in full control of the development of any old/retro game remake, what would it be?

  • I’d love to be put in control of a remake for Night Trap ( MegaCD )I’d just make sure I’m in the shower scene o_O
  • Split Personalities on the DS with stylus controls or maybe an XBLA Chaos/Rebelstar remake with new maps, weapons & online
  • Harvest Moon 64, no updates just fix the bugs then release on XBLA/ PSN
  • That reminded me of Psi-Ops. Another decent psychic shooter.
  • Would have to choose Pilotwings. Slap on some HD visuals and maybe some Co Op style play, and jobs a good ‘un.
  • I would be in control of the X-Wing, TIE Fighter, X-Wing vs TIE Fighter series – I’d love to see these all redone.
  • Herzog Zwei. The best video game ever made
  • Tie-Fighter without a doubt. Awesome, awesome game…
  • It’d have to be Second Sight. One of my favourite but underrated games ever. (Psychic powers are awesome)
  • Probotector
  • Magic Pockets!
  • I’d remake UFO: Enemy Unknown in full HD, but wouldn’t change any of the gameplay or functionality. Just a higher resolution :)
  • Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain… I’d love a 3d remake of that, and then another Soul Reaver sequel.
  • Mean Arenas used to play it on the Amiga… sort of Pacman-y with brill commentators
  • The original Dizzy series
  • Timesplitters: Future Perfect!!
  • Robot, think was old Atari game, brilliant
  • Super Metroid. I would give it Primes visuals and gameplay.
  • I’d love to see Lemmings released on Wii…

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If you could have your own achievement/trophy what would it be called how would you unlock it?

  • Thank youuuu Irony Man “Use stark industries ARC reactor to boost the LHC to create a black hole which destroys the world” 25gs
  • “Tea, Earl grey, hot” Teabag your other half 100gs
  • On the Crapper – 125g – Start and finish a phone call, while on the toilet, without the caller finding out your position!
  • ‘Four Finger Fiddler’ – Get yourself off watching a video game character, cut scene, or sexy encounter – 250gs
  • ‘Sukka’ Believed more than three Peter Molyneux promises – 200gs
  • ‘Slackarse’ Have fifty or more games in your ‘to play’ pile – 100gs
  • Achievement Unlocked: “WAKE UP!” – 25gs: Fall asleep during a cutscene after a long night of gaming
  • “Dice with death” 1000g Played Cluedo with Raoul and win.
  • The Krapper – You scream 50 times during Dead Space 2 (Kinect needed) – 50g
  • ‘Simply Dead’ – defecate on Mick Hucknall’s grave. 10000Gs
  • Wife Swallows’ achievement – 200G
  • ‘saviour of music’ – Kill Mick Hucknall using any Rock Band instrument. 10000GS
  • Achievement Wh-owned – Smack someone trying for an achievement round the back of the head with a blunt instrument. 100g
  • *Control or Crash* = smallest number of times the controller sustained direct force and abuse during gameplay session
  • achievement unlocked – Hacked 86230g – stole all of @verflucht‘s gamescore
  • Not buying a Kinect? Achievement unlocked. £150 saved. 1000 GS gained.
  • “Wii Love You” 25gs – hit start too early and entire screen morphs to shitty resolution with childish graphics to shit you up.
  • Achievement Unlocked: “Shut The Fawkes Up” 1000gs – finally getting through to Fawkes that he DIDN’T win again, he did piss all!
  • “Made You Look!” 0G – Stare at the sun for 10 minutes.
  • Mine would be “King of Extreme Unadulterated Uber Awesomeness” and it would have unlocked at birth. Yeah baby, bite me!
  • Sad little people – 5k people check out your comic a day!
  • Achivement unlocked – Lee wins 10g – beat an online friend in a dissing match

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Reply&ReTweet: “If you could own any vehicle from any game what would it be?”

  • The Ebon Hawk from Knights of the Old Republic was cool
  • Changed my mind I want the Forward Unto Dawn from Halo
  • Metal Gear REX. A walking tank with full nuclear arsenal AND even while damaged, still beat its successor!
  • Avenger from X-Com
  • Sweet-tooth’s Ice-cream van of death from Twisted Metal!
  • The Agency Supercar, from Crackdown
  • The Normandy MK. 2 from Mass Effect. Or a Yoshi.
  • I’m a simple soul. I’d go for any car in Project Gotham Racing 1. As long as it more powerful than a 2.8L
  • My Quel’dorei Steed from #Wow
  • Um, can I get away with picking the Millennium Falcon?? If not, then I’ll take Donkey Woman from RDR, I’d ride her senseless!
  • It has to be the Epoch from Chrono Trigger. Then I could go to any place or point in time! :)
  • I might go for a Battlezone tank #minimalist
  • I would love a kart from super Mario Kart. Everyone knows they were the best ones.
  • Ragnarok from FF8 :)
  • A Cavalry Tile from Civ, you could move almost anywhere on those things given enough turns

The Friday Community Reply&ReTweet sent in by @Markatansky
Reply&ReTweet: “What game have you been really excited about only to be let down really badly?”

  • Aliens Vs Predator on the 360 this year :’(
  • Alone in the Dark. I loved New Nightmare on the Dreamcast… And the newest one just broke my heart!
  • My crystal ball says it’ll be Crackdown 2.
  • Red Faction Guerrilla
  • APB… really looked forward to it for ages, was completely unimpressed by it.
  • the really obvious one GTA IV I was so looking forward to that & it was utter shit!
  • LOTR: Conquest for me. That was horrible, but it looked so good.
  • oh army of two 2 man that game was so bad I rage quit
  • Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. It’s the only time I’ve wanted to trade a game in, and now the box stares at me and laughs
  • Halo 2, it was pretty short and the ending made me say “Was that it?”
  • Marvel:Ultimate Alliance 2.I was so excited for it,but felt like Charlton Heston at the end of Planet of the Apes after playing
  • Easy. Resident Evil 5. What a monumental let down…
  • resident evil 5, tekken 6 and madworld.. All disappointments :-/
  • Haze. The horror. The horror.
  • EVERY harry potter game besides C.O.S! But lego harry potter is turning out to be pretty good.
  • Oblivion, level scaling ruined it. And Spore, which was just utter, utter rubbish.
  • Heavy Rain, Final Fantasy 13, and Alan Wake
  • Wait……what about Dragon Rising…..I need help with a couple of achievements
  • Was massively let down by Fable 2, not to say that it was BAD, just ridiculously overhyped. More recently, by Naughty Bear

Inspired by Lee’s Article “Another Glorious Day in The Core”
Reply&ReTweet: What was your best/longest/greatest ever gaming session?

  • I have spent far too many days/nights in a row playing Wow, mainly RPing… I am such a geek! *\o/*
  • Shenmue was a whole story and I wanted to get to the end….but 3rd one never came about!
  • I spent hours each day playing Shenmue I and II on the Dreamcast. Was gutted they never made the 3rd one!!!
  • Gosh, couldn’t put an actual TIME on my longest session but it was Oblivion, for sure. Did nothing else for a whole weekend.
  • My best gaming session happened during Hannah Montana. A kids game, but with the hardest mini-game. EVER. 12 hours it took.
  • command & conquer generals for 18hours didn’t even know I’d done it…loved that game!
  • Probably a week long WoW marathon with very little sleep and nourishment.
  • 23 hours when Halo 3 was released… I completed the single player, and then went onto the multiplayer.
  • a whole weekend on Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater. Eat that Bear Grylls and your 5* hotels, pussy.
  • Halo 3 in 5 hours 1st time was a lamer one. =[
  • longest gaming session was playing heavy rain for 14 hours :P
  • For me it was Magic the Gathering DOTP for 8 hours straight overnight. No sleep!
  • Greatest & Best: TeamDeathMatch. Tactical Nuke on Rust. Modern Warfare2.
  • Prob me and a mate getting to level 98 of Llamatron on his Amiga. Amazing considering we were somewhat worse for wear! :)
  • defo when playing the Worms 3D demo on my PS2 from 5pm till 5am against a friend. Or 10hr SSX3 marathon or 11 hr MW2 marathon
  • Me and hubby spent about 2 weeks barely sleeping on Shining Force 2 on Sega. We’re not good, but we perservere!! Mucho coffee!
  • When I first got my PS3, I played COD4 single player for seven hours straight.
  • Too many to mention, but best one of note was a 32 hour session with 8 mates on SNES Mario Kart.
  • quake 3 arena, 8 player network and a load of friends = most fun gaming experience.
  • Metroid Prime all nighter. Start to finish.
  • I did spend six hours playing Peggle when it hit XBL. I have an addictive personality.
  • Started playing Gears of War 2 @ 9PM my friend said I wouldnt complete it he went to sleep & he woke up just as I completed it
  • Heavy Rain in 1 day. It really is a game that benefits if you play it all at once.
  • Disc 1 of Final Fantasy 7 in one sitting

Inspired by Lorna’s review for “Lego Harry Potter years 1-4″
Reply&ReTweet: What’s in your “to be played” pile?

  • I Spit On Your Legoey Grave
  • Lego Aliens vs Predator
  • LEGO Mad Max. :D
  • Lego : Call Of Duty
  • Lego Civil War,Lego Assassins creed,Lego Mario bros… seriously we can add Lego to anything and it instantly makes it better
  • Lego Big Brother, control a plastic loser!
  • Lego Donnie Darko!
  • Lego Shrek
  • Lego Going Postal [any Discworld story]
  • Oh oh! Lego Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!
  • Lego Dungeons & Dragons (the animated series from the eighties!)
  • Lego: Lord of the Rings!
  • Lego Aliens vs Predator
  • GTA could be a Lego game
  • Lego Dawn of the dead ;)
  • It would have to be Lego Transformers
  • Lego Street Fighter :)
  • Lego Mario… or pokemon… definitely pokemon, my Son would do cartwheels!
  • Lego Pokemon – so many brands, all at once!
  • Fight Club. Because I want to destroy something beautiful (and switching between Narrator and Durden would make sense).
  • Lego Ghostbusters
  • Leg007 :)
  • Lego A Team :D
  • Lego Aliens vs Predator
  • Lego Queen of Hearts – guide Princess Diana away from the paparazzi and collect studs before the final boss battle – The Tunnel
  • Lego Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Lego Army Of Darkness
  • Lego Milfs 13
  • Lego goonies! Hey you guuuuuyyyyyyyssss!
  • Oh and Lego predator!
  • Lego Labyrinth :)
  • Lego Nightmare Before Christmas!
  • ET could be good :)
  • Lego A team! As for why? ITS A TEAM & LEGO! awesome
  • Lego Terminator
  • Doctor Who!
  • Lego Metalocalypse: Do Anything For Dethklok!
  • Back to the Future
  • Lego Top Gear!

Inspired by Rook’s article “TBP”
Reply&ReTweet: What’s in your “to be played” pile?

  • Dragon Age: Origins, Brutal Legend, Fallout 1&2, Fallout 3 (PC), Divinity II… and that’s JUST the stuff I got at xmas!
  • Left 4 Dead, Gears Of War 2 (most of the 1st one for that matter), Bioshock 1&2, Dead Rising (I know!!)…and a few others..
  • Banjo Tooie, Majora’s Mask, Super Mario Bros, Zelda 2, Ninja Gaiden (The NES Original), New Super Mario Bros, Dead Space…
  • B&K Nuts and Bolts, DMC4, Dead Rising, FF4, 6 & 7, MGS1&4, Arkham Asylum, Tingles Freshly Picked Rose Flavoured Rupeeland…
  • Spirit Tracks, Diamond, Sands of Destruction, KotOR, Abes Oddysee&Exxodus, Evil Genius, Humble Indie Bundle & a few more… yup
  • The new Mass Effect 2 DLC, Earthworm Jim HD, & the Assassin’s Creed 2 DLC
  • I bought Civ 4 in the steam sale and never played that too.  Doh!
  • Gosh… forgot about Arkham Asylum, Bioshock, Bioshock 2, Assassin’s Creed and Assassin’s Creed 2!
  • Not really a pile, but a list of what I need to get. And Red Dead Redemption is on there. As is Super Mario Galaxy 2.
  • To be played? Trials HD, Mirrors Edge and RDR single player (am weak cos the multi is so fun!)
  • My pile includes Assassin’s Creed 2, Batman, Overlord 2, RDR, Fallout 3, Anno 1404, Mini Ninjas, Humans, Civ for Xbox and more
  • Phoenix Wright, Secret of Mana, Dragon Age Origins, Bioshock 1&2, Metal gear games, Drake’s Fortune, Hotel Dusk, ChronoTrig.

Inspired by Lorna’s article “Sequel Soup”
Reply&ReTweet: Whats your favourite game sequel?

  • Mass Effect 2 ohhh I miss Kelly :(
  • Super Mario Bros 3! Best platformer ever.
  • Need For Speed Underground 2 :) Played it to death lol
  • Street Fighter II – it blew my 12 year old mind!
  • Its Resident evil 4. Hated first bunch Loved this one
  • Was going to go with Doom2 but for me Monkey Island 2 takes it.
  • Contra 3 on the SNES – had to use a huge US converter to play the cart !
  • Kingdom Hearts 2, I lost so many hours of my life to that game.
  • Warcraft III
  • Jet Set Willy has to be the greatest sequel ever made, made Manic Miner look like a 16K game!
  • Fallout 3! That game can keep me glued for hours! =]
  • Uncharted 2

The Last Reply&ReTweet was brought to by Thesonicmole, one of our twitter followers.
Reply&ReTweet: What gameplay mechanic makes you sigh in despair whenever it rears its ugly head?

  • Stupid bloody quick time events! Arghhhhhhh even worse the ones that mix the buttons up on every attempt
  • Collectibles, Ass creed flags/feathers etc
  • Mazes. Hate them with a passion
  • I hate games where the controls just aren’t natural, don’t flow, and there’s no way to remap the controller. Does my nut in!
  • Escort missions stress me out! I dunno if that’s a mechanic tho :/ am I an idiot? Ignore me
  • I’d agree with Kat… escort missions are a fucking nightmare, with your AI burden inevitably getting themselves slaughtered
  • One thing that really knarks me off is multiplayer achievements! GRRRR!
  • Escort quests and vehicle combat (in non vehicle based games), being unable to save when I want, and not at stupid set times.
  • Swimming always causes my my heart to sink. It’s supposed to be fun, but it never is. Oxygen levels dropping, Anxiety rising.
  • QTEs that take over the screen so you can’t see the action. God of War 3 got it right. Star Wars TFU did not!
  • I really hate escort missions. Doubly so when the AI is suicidally dumb…
  • First person jumping.
  • Race missions in non-racing games like GTA or Crackdown

Reply&ReTweet: What was your favourite bit of E3 this year?

  • The appearance of Gabe at the Sony press conference
  • Kevin Butler’s E3 Speech – brought a tear to my eye
  • Fave thing in E3? The trailer for Codename Kingdoms *fans self*
  • To be honest, my favourite part of E3 was when I got all my bandwidth back after it being nicked by shitty streaming videos!

Asked just after the Sony Keynote
Reply&ReTweet: How did Sony do guys?

  • I think I want a PS3 now…
  • Meh, ok i spose not as casual as MS, but I suspect that may have changed at the last min. Also Gabe! WTF?
  • Sony were awful. Blithering on about some new Wii Remote and a bunch of non-exclusives. Ending with Twisted Metal. HA!
  • Alright I spose. LBP2 would be a must-buy if I had a PS3. Donations for my PS3 fund accepted.
  • Sony did not impress me. But having said that, nothing was ever going to steal the thunder of Nintendo’s Megaton announcement.
  • Ocarina of Time for the 3DS. Or anything Nintendo. Yeah, I can’t hide my fanboy roots during E3.

Asked just after Nintendo Keynote
Reply&ReTweet: What did you guys think of the Nintendo keynote?

  • Tits and 3DS > Free Slim X-box 360. Enough said.
  • I missed most of it – I was driving home, Twitter makes it sound like it was good. Oh and 3DS = want!
  • If Nintendo was a woman, I’d propose to her right now. Best Nintendo conference in years.

Asked Just after EA Keynote
Reply&ReTweet: What did you guys make of EA at E3?

  • They nailed it. They even made me want to get fit
  • I don’t like Madden, Dead Space scares me, but it featured actual games! Huzzah!
  • EA were much better than MS. I don’t do FPS but the slabs of cheese offered by Bulletstorm have me convinced
  • Am sad at no Mirror’s Edge 2 announcement though…
  • I like EA conference better than MS. Not that I’m not interested in Kinect. Wanted to see more gameplay and games

Asked just after the Microsoft Keynote
Reply&ReTweet: What did you guys think?

  • Utter rubbish.
  • I think: I can’t wait until this is over so I don’t keep getting 20-30 people all saying the same thing about nothing important
  • Big pile of steaming donkey doo.
  • Shite. Three real games? That’s it? They do remember it is a gaming console don’t they?
  • I want the new console. Not the Skynet add on… other than that I feel like I’ve been abused
  • I’m not buying the Skynet add on, it’ll scan my body & announce to the world that I’m both short and fat…
  • I’m wondering if Kinect will go portable? Would save a lot on plastic surgery if we could alter ourselves by waving arms around
  • All Sony have to do to ‘win’ E3 this year is announce, you know, some games.
  • Sorry I was catching up with Glee. What I miss?

Reply&ReTweet: What are you looking forward to the most from this year’s E3?

  • The tears of distraught fan boys flooding the River Internet.
  • A Mass Effect spin off featuring Kelly chambers
  • Halo stuff.. lots and lots of glorious Halo stuff
  • Their unveiling of a halfway decent logo for a change?? An announcement of SOME worth would be good! That Natal was a joke!
  • I want to see Sony die a horrible death on stage #yesimafanboy
  • I’m looking forward to NO HALO STUFF ;P
  • More about the Force Unleashed II =]
  • A release date for Aliens: CM and a sequel to EDF. Oh and Bombjack on XBLA
  • From the already released trailer, the new Mortal Kombat. GET OVER HERE!!!

Reply&ReTweet: If you could announce anything at E3 what would it be?

  • A portable handheld which doesn’t give me eye strain, please!
  • Tie-Fighter HD!
  • Half Life 3 | Brand new source engine | Fall 2010
  • Big Lee’s Big Adventure
  • Elder Scrolls V inc special edition with a free CD of Patrick Stewart telling you a bedtime story
  • A non-addictive version of WoW
  • Mirror’s Edge 2, Hitman 5, Elder Scrolls V
  • A Lylat Wars / Starfox in full HD glory at E3 would do me nicely
  • Nintendo apologising for introducing motion controls

Reply&ReTweet: Which game character would you most rather be?

  • Dante! uber mad skillz mixed with near invincibility and almost limitless power? Sold.
  • I’d want to be vault dweller… I made my character such a badass =)
  • Cmdr Shepard because Miranda has epic bewbs and I miss Kelly.
  • Bayonetta, then I could play with my hair all day
  • A Dark Mistress from Dungeon Keeper – I’d ogle myself all day!
  • Sonic, wanna be able to run where I want within a minute or 2
  • Gordon Freeman ftw – he’s the ultimate geek turned killing machine…
  • Sonic
  • Alistair from DragonAge: Origins. The guy’s just an epic character.

Reply&ReTweet: What’s the hardest thing you ever did in a game?

  • Hardest? I actually finished that turd “Damnation”! Ugh.
  • Not the hardest per se but I remember punching the air after completing the Star Road on SMW! :D
  • Beat a “staff ghost” in F-Zero X on the N64.
  • Watch Kelly Chambers die *sniff*
  • Transferred my WoW char from MG to AD.
  • Get 90 stars on the Mirror’s Edge Time Trials
  • Sartharion + 3 Dragons (WoW boss) was quite the ball ache.
  • Having to leave Kenny all alone in his cave in Fallout 3

Inspired by Ben’s article “Family Values”
What are your views on kids gaming?

  • I was a gaming kid, games were different then though, they were happy
  • It’s ok by me, as long as they stick to the game they’re allowed on.
  • Parents should be more involved in HOW kids game & monitor content.
  • It’s okay but they can be annoying sometimes.
  • Parents should screen the games first and make judgement for themselves
  • Parents need to look after their own damn kids rather than blame others
  • Anti it! Cos soon my daughter will be better than me >.<

Reply&ReTweet: Whats your favourite weapon of choice in a game?

  • Deffo a bow if I can get one, sword or knife second
  • Sniper rifle as i want to shoot everyone in the head.
  • Shotguns
  • Spartan laser from halo, I can bat 5 for 5 with that.
  • Chainsaws! Fire! Stabby things! My fist!
  • Nothing makes me cackle like the M-920 Cain in Mass Effect 2…. Can I add that the Experimental MIRV from Fallout 3 was a close second. I guess I kinda like MASSIVE stuff… :D
  • High powered sniper rifles all the way for me!
  • Favourite weapon has to be the shark gun ( jaws soundtrack adds to the experience lol)
  • Repair tool from Battlefield or a traffic cone in Halo 3
  • Either a rocket launcher or a really large machine gun!
  • R-Type’s Ring Laser. Best weapon ever.
  • For more unusual weapons…the Brown Minions in Overlord and the Spoon of Destruction in Fairytale Fights are pretty damn good
  • The catapult from Skool Daze. Takes down teachers and bullies and can be angled off of baldies.