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  1. The "I'm looking forward to..." Thread

    Started by UselessJack, 27-08-2012 18:50
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    adventure, borderlands, borderlands 2, collector's edition, dark souls, edf, fighting, game, gameplay, games, gaming, hanalynn, live, love, music, news, nintendo, nintendo ds, preview, problem, ps4, remake, sonic, thread, trailer, uselessjack, work, xbox
    Last Post: 14-02-2014 12:46
    by Blucey  Go to last post
  2. Doing the 'I told you so Dance!!'

    Started by SimonJK, 10-03-2012 13:57
    360, art, bad, collector's edition, e3, exclusive, games, hate, list, love, mcv, microsoft, news, nintendo, online, points, sony, steam, xbox
    Last Post: 17-03-2012 14:09
    by SimonJK  Go to last post
  3. Your gaming wish list this year

    Started by justbiglee, 31-08-2011 01:04
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    360, anniversary, apathy, batman, battlefield, birthday, black, collector's edition, dark souls, dodonpachi, game, games, gaming, halo, hands, kinect, list, lol, month, multiplayer, november, october, preview, ps3, rage, skyrim, south q, steam, uncharted
    Last Post: 09-11-2011 13:49
    by Van-Fu San  Go to last post
  4. Back To The Future: The Game

    Started by Jokesound, 24-06-2011 16:28
    collector's edition, game, games, psn, retail, review
    Last Post: 25-06-2011 10:52
    by Ste  Go to last post
  5. What's on your shopping list for the second half of 2011?

    Started by The Sonic Mole, 10-06-2011 17:07
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    360, 3ds, battlefield, child, collector's edition, e3, edf, game, gaming, list, month, ps3, skyrim, street fighter, work
    Last Post: 12-06-2011 07:45
    by etherfiend  Go to last post
  6. Pre-Orders

    Started by The Rook, 14-08-2010 17:06
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    2010, 360, batman, child, clan, collector's edition, dead space, dlc, doom, exclusive, fighting, football, game, gameplay, games, gamestation, gift, halo, hot pursuit, list, live, love, microsoft, multiplayer, news, online, points, ps3, reach, sims, uncharted, work, xbox, xbox 360
    Last Post: 14-02-2016 18:57
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  7. Top Tens

    Started by justbiglee, 16-11-2010 12:36
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    2010, 360, 3ds, adventure, america, art, bad, badass, bastard, batman, black, co-op, codemasters, collector's edition, company, dead space, e3, edf, eggs, evil, fighting, football, fun, game, gameplay, games, gaming, gaminglives, graphics, halo, hands, happening, hedgehog, horror, hot pursuit, list, love, magic, master chief, megadrive, monkey, news, nintendo, online, podcast, ps3, rage, rap, reach, remake, resident, rpg, sega, sequel, shit, skyrim, sonic, sonic the hedgehog, street fighter, tekken, thread, trailer, virtua tennis 3, virtual, work, xbox
    Last Post: 05-02-2011 16:24
    by MarkuzR  Go to last post
  8. Amazon's Black friday week

    Started by justbiglee, 18-11-2010 17:42
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    2010, 360, anniversary, art, bargain, black, chocolate, collector's edition, email, exclusive, game, game of the year, gaming, gift, gold, gore, kinect, love, mac, microsoft, nintendo, november, photoshop, ps3, rap, shit, sony, twitter, white, xbox, xbox 360
    Last Post: 24-11-2010 12:13
    by justbiglee  Go to last post
  9. Today I bought...

    Started by The Rook, 31-07-2010 17:35
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    Last Post: 01-12-2016 01:34
    by The Rook  Go to last post
  10. Kinect's launch lineup revealed

    Started by Kat, 18-10-2010 14:36
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    2010, cake, collector's edition, eurogamer, game, games, halo, hedgehog, kinect, master chief, microsoft, picture, ps3, shit, sonic, sonic the hedgehog
    Last Post: 18-10-2010 23:57
    by The Preacher  Go to last post
  11. Last Post: 05-03-2011 15:48
    by MarkuzR  Go to last post
  12. What's your favourite box art?

    Started by The Sonic Mole, 03-08-2010 07:47
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    Last Post: 04-08-2010 21:34
    by The Sonic Mole  Go to last post
  13. Halo Reach

    Started by justbiglee, 26-04-2010 15:05
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    1404, 2010, 360, achieve, anno, art, batman, beta, black, blogs, bored, business, co-op, collector's edition, community, dinosaur, email, exclusive, fanboy, football, fun, game, game night, games, gamestation, gaming, gold, hackers, halo, hands, hate, innit, iphone, kotaku, list, live, live action, lol, love, mac, markuzr, master chief, microsoft, monkey, month, multiplayer, news, online, picture, problem, reach, retail, review, ridiculous, shit, sonic, squad, thread, trailer, twitter, update, videos, white, work, xbox, xbox live
    Last Post: 20-10-2010 17:44
    by pix3lboy  Go to last post
  14. Fable 3

    Started by Rynstex, 11-03-2010 18:47
    5 Pages
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    2010, 360, adventure, bad, co-op, collector's edition, development, dlc, evil, exclusive, game, halo, humour, list, live, lol, love, multiplayer, news, points, review, rpg, shit, twitter, update, videos, work, xbox, xbox 360
    Last Post: 24-11-2010 11:23
    by The Author  Go to last post
  15. Last Post: 30-05-2012 12:15
    by SimonJK  Go to last post
  16. Alan Wake

    Started by Rynstex, 11-02-2010 22:35
    Last Post: 12-02-2010 01:17
    by The Preacher  Go to last post
  17. Red Dead Redemption

    Started by Rynstex, 10-02-2010 15:57
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    2010, 360, adventure, art, bad, birthday, borderlands, child, collector's edition, company, competition, crossover, dlc, dogs, eurogamer, exclusive, expo, fail, ffs, fun, funny, game, gamer score, games, gaming, gift, gold, hands, happening, list, love, markuzr, month, multiplayer, music, news, online, picture, points, problem, ps3, rage, review, sequel, shit, sonic, starcraft, street fighter, stupidity, trailer, twitter, warcraft, work, xbox
    Last Post: 23-12-2010 13:20
    by justbiglee  Go to last post
  18. More Free than Free: Mass Effect 2 DLC

    Started by Adam, 25-01-2010 10:42
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    2010, batman, battlefield, collector's edition, dlc, exclusive, game, games, gaming, live, points, twitter, update, work, xbox, xbox live, yay
    Last Post: 26-03-2010 11:22
    by The Preacher  Go to last post
  19. Machinarium Collector's Edition

    Started by The Preacher, 13-03-2010 10:57
    adventure, collector's edition, exclusive, fun, funny, game, gameplay, games, happening, linux, mac, machinarium, music, online, point and click, point and click adventure, windows pc, work
    Last Post: 13-03-2010 20:24
    by The Preacher  Go to last post
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