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    Default Wtfglhqctcg2010

    For those of you whose eyes didn't melt reading the title and/or could actually decipher it to some degree of geekiness, then you should know that I've just started a GLCTCG! Oh, sorry, that's a Gaming Lives Collectible Trading Card Game. Basically, just an excuse to make up loads of cards that are hilarious/devious/bullshit/boufin'* in some way or other. Seriously, go apeshit.

    You can use this Yu-gi-oh card maker or just good ol' Photoshop.

    * Scottish slang that may or may not actually exist; means "disgusting to the point where you want to vomit"
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    This sort of reminds me of the download forums when everyone used to have their own pokemon card. I might make one when I get home

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    I do believe the Team Mark card is my favorite thing ever.
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    Ive just made the ultimate card!

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