Right, this has probably been covered a million times on a million other forums. However, I thought I'd post it here to save others having to delve into the bowels of the Internet for a fix to this issue...

Anyway, After Moobs and The Rook started mentioning Grim Fandango I thought I'd dig out my copy. Being a hoary old PC game it has issues running in more recent versions of Windows. After doing a bit of research I found a fix to the main problems, i.e. installing the damn thing and subsequent audio issues.

Here's the fix:

1. Download a new installer for the game here.

2. Find the .EXE file for the game in your Program Files (it should be in a Lucasarts folder), right click on it, choose properties and then the compatibility tab. Then simply check the 'run in compatibility mode' box and choose Windows 98 from the drop down menu.

Hey presto! That should let you run the game in Windows 7.

Note: I found running it in full screen mode much more stable.

Apologies if this is like teaching your Grandmother to suck eggs!