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Thread: Game Night - Every Wednesday

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    I'm gonna have to give this week a miss guys - somebody let me know what your playing when and who to contact for a game - lots of new peeps of twitter wanted to play last week - which was cool

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    Im working this wednesday (Nights) (Lame) But I'll be around next Wednesday I should think and with abit of luck I'll have whatever game you decide to play!

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    As always - Uni for me on Wednesday night, not back till after 9, so no gaming for me or Ryn.

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    If it's Halo, then I'll pass.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Preacher View Post
    I would have been more up for Hot Pursuit or Red Dead this week, but if some people only have Halo we can do that again.
    Red dead looks like a good shout, get alot of people in the lobby to
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    I'd gladly join in with some Reach or Red Dead.

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    Bens been kind enough to give us a stack of new features for the forum so figured we'll use um. I'll start a thread for game night Once a week with a poll listing a stack of games I know people have or want to play. Vote for one and the one with the most votes is the game of the night. Say for example though 10 people pick halo and 8 people pick AC brotherhood there's no reason we can't run both. I'll start one now for tomorrows game night but future threads/ polls will open well in advance.

    Also this new section of the forum isn't just for game night. Feel free to start your own threads for co-op runs, achivement boosting sessions (you dirty cheats) general dicking about or simple "who fancies a game of... tonight?" Oh and if you'd like the game your trying to arrange tweeted by the gaming lives twitter account click the tweet button at the top of any thread to tweet it from your own twitter account which I'll then see and share the love with the world for you.

    Right here's the new thread
    Sorry to do it to you but if we could shift all of tomorrow nights gamenight talk that way it should make arranging the whole thing easier. Don't feel like you have to vote for what's popular just vote for what you want to play.
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