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Thread: Day 7: The Amazing Spider-forum!

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    Default Day 7: The Amazing Spider-forum!

    Today I'm looking for the best or the worst superhero game you have ever played. While I do expect about 20 Arkham Asylums, games based around our comic book heroes have been around for a long time. Go old school if you want.

    Lets see what you got!
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    I enjoyed Spidey: Shattered Dimensions, purely for the Deadpool level and some of the fancy 2099 stuff. Largely balls, though.

    X-Men: Origins - Wolverine wasn't actually that bad a game, I don't think. Shits all over the movie.

    But my favourite has to be X-Men Legends (the only decent game of the series) - a bit repetitive, maybe, but the levels were varied and fun, the abilities on offer were interesting, and the Danger Room challenges were hard but not stupid. All in all, a good game, I reckon.

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    I really quite enjoyed The Amazing Spiderman. It was good fun And, you know, Batman
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    For me the best is "X-Men: Next Dimension" on the Game Cube. Played it together with a friend and we just beat the crap out of each other for hours. Fun times The Spider-Man game for the Game Cube was pretty awesome too though...
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    Spiderman 2, hands down. Spent so much time swinging around the city (read: climbing the Empire State Building and throwing myself off) it's unreal. Didn't do the missions or anything, apart from helping children get their balloons back. And even then I just popped them. Mwahaha!
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    I win, hands down for WORST. Game over. Seriously. THIS...

    It was "The Incredible Hulk" text adventure game from back in the 80s... at least I'm assuming it was the 80s. Either way, it was a CUNT of a game. The number of people I know of who actually wasted HOURS in the first room, trying to break free. From what I recall, the version I played was slightly different from the one above as I'm positive the room was completely dark, but it doesn't mention that there. Regardless, your inventory was zero to begin with and you were tied to this fucking chair by the hands and feet and no matter what you did, there was no way to break free of the chair and actually continue the game and so most people just quit.

    Some folk, however, actually sussed it out...

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    Spider-Man 2 on PS2 was really good, surprisingly. Enjoyed Arkham Asylum on PS3 (still have City to play... have had it for about 8 months on my shelf), wasn't as incredible as everyone told me (imo). Played a really fun co-op side scrolling X-Men back on the Mega Drive (I think?) at my friend's house as a kid. Not sure of the name. X-Men Origins: Wolverine was actually really fun, too (agreed with an earlier post; much better than that travesty of a film). Enjoyed maxing it for the most part (back when I used to rent via LoveFilm at uni).

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    Good ol' Questprobe. I used to laugh playing The Hulk because I would type Bit Lip to change. Don't remember how far I got and I didn't watch the video for more than 2 minutes.

    I had this and Fantastic Four for the Commodore 64 and and got stuck for a long time because of typing issues. Maybe the others appeared later in the game but you started off controlling The Human Torch and The Thing. You would use supernova to blast a huge rock covering the entrance to a hole that Thing was trapped down in. Thr only had a pebble break off but Thing could lift it and throw it at the rock and it would shatter. I was stuck on this for such a long time simply for the fact that I get typing peeble instead of pebble.
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    It was a classic fighter game. But I noticed a flaw with it. All you had to do was crouch and punch - and you would win. Every match. All the time. It wasn't great, to tell the truth. And that's the review of an 11 year old me.

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    I really had to think a while about that one. But I guess for me Spiderman 2 on the Game Cube was the best. Just wasting hours on climbing buildings, just to jump off them and swinging through the city. Hell, I don't even remember anything about the story or if I finished it, but I remember that I tried for hours to jump over the Manhattan River, or at least reach the buoy in the middle. Fun times.

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