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Thread: A musical challenge

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    Default A musical challenge

    Well, I have had a degree of silence from GL for a bit. Got shit to do, y'know.

    Allow me to break said silence by giving you all a challenge.

    A brother of a friend of mine gave him a challenge to show music died in the year 2000.

    Think of a band that released at least ONE album before 2000.

    Now think of a better one they released after 2000.

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    A band named Billy Talent released album " Watoosh!" under the band name of "Pezz!" in 1998

    It was awful.

    After being threatened with a lawsuit they changed their name to Billy Talent and since 2002 have released three full length albums all much better than Pezz.

    Next challenge please XD

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    MUSE. Showbiz was shite. Everything else since was better. Don't like their latest album at all, but still better than shitey Showbiz.
    Dream Theater. As much as I love their entire catalogue (save for WDaDU), I prefer their latest album and put that at the top of my list.
    Barenaked Ladies. All In Good Time is a great album, with some anthemic tracks and is better than at least two of their pre-2000 releases.

    Actually, come to think of it, I could go on and on. I think they're wrong. They may believe it in terms of their own preferences but, as far as my own tastes are concerned, they're way off the mark on that one. Nice idea though, and part of me wishes that it worked out as it'd be interesting.
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    Every Coldplay album. FUCK YOU GUYS!
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    You could rename this thread into "Every band ever." but thats just my opinion. Seriously there aren't many bands that actually "survived" the millenium.

    Expect for The Roots though, they got better with every album they released. Proceed is still an awesome track and so is the new, a bit different album Undun. Hell, I love this band.

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    My challenge is this:

    Find any band you like who have released three or more albums (minus Live albums, EPs and Remix/compilation albums), and count how many of those bands have released at least one album which isn't amazing. It soon becomes depressing.

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