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Thread: Mass Effect 3 - NOW WITH SPOILERS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toffer View Post
    Loved that video Rook. If that is true then that's some of the most smart and under-handed story telling going. That's an awesome ending.
    That video made me feel better about the ending, however it did take someone to make that video to make me realise... if it were true.
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    That video was amazing. I hope it's right!

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    Finished ME3 last night.

    Spoiler ->Can't see what the fuss is about regarding the ending - the whole game is one long ending.

    You meet up with each of the characters from the previous games and end each of their story arcs (which I think is the most rewarding part), and then finally end Shepherd's arc.

    Regarding the 'plot holes', well, to me, the mass relays discharged all their energy as they fired to each other, spreading whatever your final choice was throughout the galaxy, and then they disintegrated. There's a big difference between that and smashing an asteroid into one.

    I think we have to presume that all the fleets around earth are now either stuck in Sol or destroyed, but it's worth remembering that each of the races still has colonies on their home planets that can start again as you've saved them all from certain annihilation.

    Bioware could have done a bit more epilogue, but I don't think it would be pretty, or necessary. Ultimately Shepherd and the crew have ascended to legends in their civilisations and even across the galaxy, and all life gets a fresh start.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Rook View Post
    Watched this over on Peoww. I didn't like the ending but this video explains a theory that hadn't even occured to me.

    Can't hide a video or url in spolier mode but the url address doesn't spoil anything. It's a good theory.


    There's a new version of this video, also looking at the aspect of Saren's indoctrination, making it much more believable.

    Spoiler ->I finished the game last night and I'm actually more confused than mad. What happened to my crewmates? Why did I spent 3 games on saving their sorry asses when they... well.. whatever happens to them. I got the "green" ending and even if it was kind of touching and nice to see Joker and EDI on some planet, I would've want to know what happened to the rest. Did Garrus, my best bro and awesome space buddy, die during the attempt to reach the Citadel's beam?
    Meh, I don't know what to think, or at least didn't know it. Rook's link seems just too good, I WANT it to be true. And I somehow have the feeling that Bioware/EA will take this video and be all like: "Oh heeeeey, yeah that's... that's EXACTLY what we wanted to say with all this. Hah, we tricked you... aaaanyway, here's the DLC for the better ending that explains it all, only 2400MSP or 24$! kthxbye!"

    I'm going to replay the ending and choose the destruction option and hope I feel better then.

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    I decided on the green ending. Thought it was abit weird but I was still pretty satisfied overall. Like Jan though I was disappointed not to see what happened to Garrus and the others but at least I know that my love interest made it as I saw her with EDI and Joker at the end. *Phew!*

    I think the theory in Rooks video is a good one and I hope that is the correct as it's so unbelievably clever and subtle that it just makes the most sense to me.
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