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Thread: Any goods apps you found?

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    Default Any goods apps you found?

    So has anyone found any good apps for their phone/tablet whether it's ios, Android or WP7?

    I found a neat app on the Android market called BeyondPod which has a phone version and a tablet version. This is a podcast and RSS feed which can be very helpful if you want to view news/articles on gaminglives and listen to podcasts all in 1 app. The best feature I like is when gaminglives release a podcast and put up a article about the latest podcast episode you get a play button next to the quick view and it will play in the app.

    So what good apps have you encountered that you would like to share?

    Oh I thought I would share a second app that allows you to stream videos, music, pictures from a PC to your phone/tablet, this again is on Android market since I only have Android devices. It is called Qloud Media and is 2 programs the app on the android market and then you need to download and install the server program and have it running on your PC to stream content. The app also allows you to stream when not on the same network so you could be in town and want to listen to your own music while walking around and as long as you have a data connection you can remotely access your music folder and listen to the music.
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