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Thread: Ouch - Codemasters this time

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    Senior Member ZeroMark is a name known to all ZeroMark is a name known to all ZeroMark is a name known to all ZeroMark is a name known to all ZeroMark is a name known to all ZeroMark is a name known to all ZeroMark's Avatar
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    We need to see an anonymous - Lulzsec battle on the internet that results in its utter destruction.

    To me it rings of a bunch of kids who just figured out how to hack stuff all sitting around thinking, you know i didnt like that last operation flashpoint game FUCK YOU CODEMASTERS! Still lot of money to be made on the internets in the buying and selling of personal info.
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    Some, they call me...Stu etherfiend will become famous soon enough etherfiend will become famous soon enough etherfiend's Avatar

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    Sadly Zero, I think you are on the money there...bored kidlets with nowt better to do than port scan and run Hax4Lulz.exe or whatever 'cracking tools' they downloaded.

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    If I lived in USA I would be saying "It's the government trying to control the internet" however as I live in the UK I'm going to say It's a bunch of 18 year olds who are looking for some fun because they have no job, not going to college/university and they can't afford to move out of their parents house so they setup the basement to be their computer room.

    The funny thing is that their making way more enemies then their making friends, Just think about it, a hacker who loves gaming suddenly looses his 5 hours of gameplay because some idiot hacked into the games server and took it down. I don't think that gamer Hacker is going to be very happy with the hackers who bought down his favourite game :O

    That bit above is supposed to have a bit of sarcasm in it

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    Burnt Crumpets MoltenRog is on a distinguished road MoltenRog's Avatar
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    In someways, I think it's rather good that their managing to show companies that normally have their head up their arse that their security isn't as good as the money they pay with it.

    In other ways it's annoying to know that these people are messing about, god knows how many times im reminded, but as far as i know the list is as follows,

    THQ/Relic International
    Sega Online
    Bethesda Softworks

    and about what 159 odd CIA/FBI Private websites. Oh and a few banks and electrical services in Spain.
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