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Thread: Predict and Win

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    Never at his post. Rynstex is a jewel in the rough Rynstex is a jewel in the rough Rynstex is a jewel in the rough Rynstex's Avatar

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    Default Predict and Win

    With our knock out E3 coverage currently warming up we thought we'd get the ball rolling by giving you, our lovely forum users the chance to snag yourself a piece of E3 swag that we'll wrench out of an unsuspecting developers hands for you.

    We're not looking for anything already confirmed so no "Nintendo announce new console" but we would accept "Mario to star in brand new sports game, Highland Games".

    To enter is simple, give us ten predictions on what you think we'll be seeing at this years E3, easy as pie? We thought so too, so while we're off eating said pie feel free to unload your brain onto this thread.

    Entry cutoff will be Sunday night at midnight UK time and Predict and Win is open to everyone. The person with the most correct predictions will be then crowned the winner shortly after the show ends.

    Best of luck!
    [Good Job Boots]

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    One Among The Fence DomPeppiatt will become famous soon enough DomPeppiatt's Avatar
    Roehampton, London

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    1.) New Marvel/X-Men game like those awful "Marvel Ultimate Alliance" bullshit will be announced.
    2.) It will be revealed FFXIII Agito/Versus were marketing ploys/won't exist.
    3.) FFXV will be announced for some reason.
    4.) Fable VI will have Milo in it and you can talk to him and do anything you want with Kinect and it will have trees that grow for real and you can enter it like the matrix and Peter Moylneux will turn out ot be the Marovigian (or however the fuck you spell it).
    5.) Nothing in number 4.) will come true, even though everyone thinks it will.
    6.) DmC prequel will get a fuck-ton of media released for it.
    7.) Some massive franchise (I'm hoping Halo Wars) will get Kinect - making the 1st real core game for Kinect users.
    8.) Fallout: Unexpected Location [read: Russia/Britain -- I wish --/China] will be hinted at or announced.
    9.) I'm still waiting for Star Wars Battlefront: 3. Pandemic WILL announce it and it will be fucking great.
    10.) Resi 6. Obv.

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    Banned Knikitta will become famous soon enough Knikitta will become famous soon enough Knikitta's Avatar
    In my PC

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    1. Cement Mixer Simulator
    2. Kinect Pole Dancing
    3. Dr Who Mortal Kombat Mash up!
    4. Need For Speed: Caravaning
    5. Lego Alfred (from Batman)
    6. Chav DLC for Viva Pinata. Cannabis growing and apples for their cider.
    7. Pink version of the Wii named Fufu
    8. Dance Central: Beiber vs Montana
    9. Wii Sheep Shearing
    10. Teamfortress Females

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    Banned The Preacher will become famous soon enough The Preacher's Avatar

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    1) Sony concede defeat and pull out of the console making business the way SEGA did, only on a low rather than a high.
    2) A controller you can operate using only your penis for the new Nintendo console.
    3) Valve announce a new IP, and finally say that Half-Life is dead rather than stringing everyone along.
    4) Reggie Fils Aimes is caught in a cupboard with a hotel maid.
    5) Peter Molyneux is the victim of a hit and run, and Lee wakes up the day after at the wheel of a stolen bus and no memory of what he did to get there.
    6) Pix will announce his new mind control device.
    7) Alan Wake 2 is confirmed and Lorna smothers the guy at the announcement to death in an over-enthusiastic welcoming of the news.
    8) Portal 3 is announced, but never sees release.
    9) Duke Nukem: And Ever is announced, but won't see release for 15 more years.
    10) An MMO based on Borderlands.
    11) Microsoft reveal that their company strategy for the next year is hoping Steve Jobs gives in to the cancer, then swiftly deny any involvement.
    12) EA announce that they're closing down Bioware after Mass Effect and Dragon Age 3.
    13) The new Nintendo console won't use physical media or traditional retail distribution.
    14) World of Warcraft 2 will be announced.
    15) Bobby Kotick will choke in a restaurant on a nut and the resulting celebration will cause E3 to overrun by six months, and LA will be totally trashed.

    I don't think I'll be winning the overall prediction challenge, but I made myself smile a few times, so I've already won, heh.

    Edit: I'm tired and apparently thick as shit, I didn't notice the "10 predictions" limit until just now. Just consider my entry as for shits and giggles, as it is, and out of the running on the off chance any of that stuff actually happens.
    Last edited by The Preacher; 03-06-2011 at 21:14. Reason: D'OH!

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    Guten Tag. UselessJack will become famous soon enough UselessJack's Avatar
    Ze Germany

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    Lego: Twilight
    Sacred 3
    Kinect: Sexy Time - The Adult Simulator
    Paint That Wall (I SO want that)
    Sonic: Now with more furry sidekicks!
    Splinter Cell: Retirement
    Left 4 Dead 3 - Canada Smoothness
    Mythbusters: The Game (Oh god please!)
    Monkey Island 5
    Bulletstorm 2

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    Zero's hero Toffer has a spectacular aura about Toffer has a spectacular aura about Toffer's Avatar
    Front Row

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    Gamertag: CptToffer Steam ID: chrisdugarry


    1. New Mario game. Not galaxy 3 but a new overall Mario game, either for the Wii or new Ninty console
    2. Final Fantasy VII remake for the PS3
    3. New Pikmin Game For The New Nintendo Console (Launch Title)
    4. New Advanced Wars Game for the 3DDS
    5. Resident Evil 6 to be set In Europe again. Featuring Leon Kennedy
    6. Vanquish 2
    7. New Command And Conquer game to be announced (Hopefully a full fucking revamp)
    8. New Brothers In Arms game
    9. Star Wars Republic Commando 2 (I wish)
    10. Half Life 3. PLEASE GOD

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    Wut? Mr Swift will become famous soon enough Mr Swift will become famous soon enough Mr Swift's Avatar

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    Gamertag: GSG9 Swift Steam ID: Sam712


    1) xbox internet browser
    2) Crysis 3
    3) new halo game by 343 industries
    4) a new Skate
    5) WOW expansion
    6) a new metal gear
    7) Lego GTA (FUCK SAKE MAKE IT!)
    8) another call of duty map pack
    9) people laugh at the PS3 conference
    10) Snoop dogg turns up for some reason.....
    Can I explore your Pandora?

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    Burnt Crumpets MoltenRog is on a distinguished road MoltenRog's Avatar
    Sitting on a wooden bench

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    1. Valve's new game DOTA
    2. Gearbox's Aliens Colonial Marines
    3. Mass Effect 3 from Bioware
    4. Some new terrible dlc from bethesda for Fallout
    5. Nintendo's new legend of zelda game
    6. Blizzards new Starcraft 2 Expansion
    7. Relic Entertainments Warhammer 40000: Space Marine
    8. Sony showing off something really useless
    9. The new nintendo Wii?
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    Junior Member Finchy is on a distinguished road Finchy's Avatar

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    1 - medal of honor 2 (tier 1)
    2 - red dead redemption 2
    3 - grand theft auto ()
    4 - prince of Persia
    5 - little big planet 3
    6 - crysis 3
    7 - dead rising 3
    8 - infamous 2
    9 - shogun 2 dlc
    10 - xbox bring out personal internet browser to match ps3
    11 - ps3 make decent controller to match xbox
    Last edited by Finchy; 07-06-2011 at 23:12.

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    Chief, innit MarkuzR has much to be proud of MarkuzR has much to be proud of MarkuzR has much to be proud of MarkuzR has much to be proud of MarkuzR has much to be proud of MarkuzR has much to be proud of MarkuzR has much to be proud of MarkuzR has much to be proud of MarkuzR's Avatar
    Infinite contemplation

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoltenRog View Post

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Swift View Post
    7) Lego GTA (FUCK SAKE MAKE IT!)

    Quote Originally Posted by Toffer View Post
    6. Vanquish 2

    Quote Originally Posted by UselessJack View Post
    Lego: Twilight

    Quote Originally Posted by The Preacher View Post
    5) Peter Molyneux is the victim of a hit and run, and Lee wakes up the day after at the wheel of a stolen bus and no memory of what he did to get there.
    That'd destroy Lee!

    Quote Originally Posted by Knikitta View Post
    1. Wii Sheep Shearing

    Quote Originally Posted by DomPeppiatt View Post
    8.) Fallout: Unexpected Location [read: Russia/Britain -- I wish --/China] will be hinted at or announced.
    Fallout New Hampshire... you have to forage around for truffles and your only weapon is a fencing foil

    Quote Originally Posted by Finchy View Post
    11 - ps3 make decent controller to match xbox
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