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    Default Follow us @ E3

    We'll be crawling around the show floor to bring you all the hottest gaming news, rumours and any other bits of information we can sink our claw like hands into.

    Keeping up to date with what we're up to can be done via a number of ways, such as:


    As well as the official Gaming Lives Twitter account be sure to keep an eye on those of the Four Horsemen of the Gamepocalypse.



    To get our attention then why not use the #GLE3 tag in your tweets, this will then allow for us to quickly pick up on what you're saying and also allow us to get back the important info to you as quick as possible.


    Another excellent way to keep up with the goings on from the show floor is through our Flickr page, from which you'll find a host of images from our quest to conquer the 10mile round trip to the nearest Krispy Kreme (we checked) as well as all things cool from the show floor itself.

    Link: Gaming Lives Flickr
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