While we appreciate the creative nature people have towards their signatures there are growing occurrences where the space taken up by just one signature is far too big and intrusive.

Up until now we've been fairly lenient and not set in road blocks up in terms of allowances, however as the forum continues to get busier and busier it's become too often that you find yourself scrolling past someone's signature just to get to the next post.
As of now the following guidelines are in place:

Image Size: We are currently toying with the idea of 468 x 60 pixels in size. However we understand that sometimes artistic direction may want to go just above those dimensions, which we're fine with as long as it’s not by too much. 468 x 60 can be considered a guideline and you should seek to stick as close to that as possible.

Information Blowout: Should you have a signature banner then you should be aware that you automatically forfeit the right to also have mass amounts of texts. The idea behind an image based signature is that you place all the relevant information you want in it, without the blandness of lines of text. In short, if you have an image based signature you should not have any other text present within it.

Hope you understand that we've only now taken this action due to the popularity of the forum which is all down to you wonderful people, but in a time where people are browsing the boards via a number of magical devices readability and ease of reading has never had such a greater importance.