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Thread: Blade Symphony - Source Game

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    Default Blade Symphony - Source Game

    Quote Originally Posted by Blade Symphony
    Blade Symphony is a multiplayer Source Engine mod brought to you by the developers of Dystopia.

    Play as the Hokuten , Black Rose, or Vagrants and engage in sword duels that span across ancient monasteries and temples.

    Will you use lightning fast attacks to dispatch your opponent? Or will you carefully approach the fight by catching your opponent off guard?

    For news and more info on Blade Symphony visit www.punyhumangames.com or read about it on Moddb.

    And don't forget to sign up for our newsletter to recieve future announcements and updates!
    Taken from the main website, this game is a hack and slash sword fighting game, you can find the details for the latest beta here


    At the moment it's a standalone modification on the source engine but as it has been discussed over on their forums it will be released as a standalone game some time in the future.

    Video Trailer here:

    To play this you require to have the latest version of Source SDK Base & Orange Box Base via steam. You can get this by searching the tools of your steam tabs on steam.

    Most of the information for playing the game can be found on the beta website.

    Edit: Once you install the modification you will get a small program also installed called Sidekick, it is the launcher for this game, it uses a account system and updater to play the latest version.
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