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Thread: Portal 2.

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    Default Portal 2.

    We've got a stack of Portal 2 sweetness so I figured I'd pop it all here for discussion.

    oh I didn't have as much as i thought...

    anyway discuss...

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    EA are having a Portal 2 thing at Westfield shopping centre in London from friday to sunday if anybody was interested. It's a public one and you'll get to play the game early (which they didn't even have at PAX). You'll also be able to pre order the game for £33 (ish) and if you set the fastest time over 3 levels you'll win an iPad. Win

    This is where the shopping centre is http://uk.westfield.com/london/getting-there/car/ - pretty close to Sheaperds Bush tube station.

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    Aw man! If I didn't have house viewings over the weekend, I'd so be going!
    Actually, I may talk my fiancée into letting me go!

    I really can't wait 'til this is out!

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    Oooo the benefits of living in London, though I probably can't make it due to looming deadlines

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlotte View Post
    Oooo the benefits of living in London, though I probably can't make it due to looming deadlines
    Nah, London's a hell hole! I was born there, and work there all too often!
    Although, it does seem to get all the best things happening there!

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    I'm worried that being much longer than the original Portal, Portal 2 will simply not be as good.
    Quote Originally Posted by Blucey View Post
    Putting a lime filling in a Jaffa Cake doesn't make it "spooky". Unless you're selling it to me in a graveyard. And I'm not in a graveyard you biscuit/cake/not sure selling c***. I'm in Tesco wondering why the f*** all the food has been replaced with masks and Haribo.

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    Never at his post. Rynstex is a jewel in the rough Rynstex is a jewel in the rough Rynstex is a jewel in the rough Rynstex's Avatar

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    Really wanting this, probably my most wanted of the year next to Diablo III.

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    I find London no better or worse than any other place I've been too. London is boring and crap, like most places.

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    Banned The Preacher will become famous soon enough The Preacher's Avatar

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    My memory of London is just that screaming sound the tubes made, and a vague sense of horror mixed with abject terror. I like trains and I don't mind being underground, but the tube can fuck off.

    Shepard's Bush station must have been named by a Mass Effect fan who played the PC version with a female character and a nudity mod. Boom boom!

    On topic, not sure what to think about Portal 2 yet. First game was perfect because it didn't drag out, so the gimmick didn't get boring. On the other hand, the trailers and previews of the sequel so far have been pretty impressive... and come on, man, J.K. Simmons is in it.

    Not a day one purchase, but I will be keeping an eye out for it in a bargain bin at the end of the year.

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    I'll be too busy playing Mortal Kombat to death, but will certainly be picking it up.
    A corner of this foreign field that is for ever England

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