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Thread: Indie? Go Go!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blucey View Post
    I wasn't as charmed by Limbo as I'd hoped.

    Braid was wonderful. Truly amazing and innovative. Limbo felt like a rehash of Braid but with all the charm of a Czechoslovakian cartoon. I can see the appeal but it definitely left me cold.
    Braid was definitely the better game in terms of innovation. However, the art direction and clever use of minimal soundtrack in Limbo really resonated with me.

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    I got thinking trying to remember an indie game ive played recently and the only one I can think of is world of goo on my ipad, which is bad of me I know but i can't get on with gaming on a laptop any more so unless it hits XBLA or an iSomething I'll rarely play it.

    Couldn't get on with Limbo, I can understand why people love it and I do appreciate it as a game I just found it a bit me'h.
    Axel and pixel is a weird ass point and click type thing that's worth a play, I also loved Braid oh and castle crashers that kicked ass

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