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Thread: Big thread of VGA announcement trailers:

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    Elder Scrolls 5? Oh boy! Oh boy! And Portal 2 looks really awesome, can't wait for those.

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    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim uses a brand new game engine
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    Elder Scrolls V
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jokesound View Post
    Sorry to sound like a cynical arse here, but:
    -SSX DD looks like a terrible reboot of the franchise.
    -Portal 2 was pretty but did nothing, really
    -Mass Effect 3 looked alright, I guess. I just got weirded out that sites were like "It's revealed after loads of rumours!" when Bioware said from the beginning that the series was a trilogy. =|

    -Arkham City's trailer looked so pretty at first I thought it was live action for a time.
    Missed the show as I had to be up early this morning. Was hoping to watch it tonight but its yet to go up.

    Just reviewed the winners. All very deserving of their prizes, I'd have loved for Mass Effect to take GOTY but with RDR being cross platform it was a foregone conclusion really.

    I do have to echo SteMacD and Ed's response. Nice to know the games exist (officially) but not much really on show. I know its all part of marketing and all but we're gamers, we like games, not videos :p

    I read a leak about the SSX reboot on Friday. The article mentioned that SSX was to go 'back to its roots' which is just bizzare as SSX started out batshit crazy (The Tokyo pinball course?!) and just got crazier. That was what was loved about the game. It got a bit off course buying into stat upgrades and buying new hats but it was still incredibly fly. From what I read in the leaked article and saw in that trailer, I don't really see SSX anywhere save for the snowboard. Fingers crossed all the same.

    The Portal 2 trailer was really their to just reiterate what Valve were peddling at E3 this year, its going to have Co-op. Great. I love you valve, I really do, but where the fudd is Episode 3! JUST ONE SMEGGING LINE DROPPED IN AT THE END OF THE TRAILER FROM THE G-MAN AND I'D QUIT ASKING!

    ME3: Going to be awesome. I still have complaints from what was on show in the trailer BUT, Bioware are the only studio I trust so much as to not bother typing them, they'll come through
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    Happy to see the SSX name back - we'll have to see about the direction, too difficult to see from a CG trailer.

    Refusing to watch the ME3 trailer - that game needs no hype, and like the previous two games I'm trying to have a complete media blackout...

    Can happily watch the Portal 2 trailers all day - I'd like a special edition with models of the two 'subjects'.
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