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Thread: Hmmmm interesting...

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    Quote Originally Posted by justbiglee View Post
    link me up i cant find it
    Here you go my good man: Kotaku meets Kotick
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    thanks ben

    on a new note i just read this Can Black Ops and Kinect save the game? on the BBC.
    it fucks me off when "journalists" dont know what they are on about! it's bollocks, Realtime went under because they hadnt made a game since crackdown (which didnt sell well despite being good) and their MMO went tits up because it wasnt very good not to mention all the trouble they had trying to get it finished and in the shops!

    If you want to know how well an industry which was supposed to be recession-proof has come though the last year just have a look at the share price of the UK retailer Game. A year ago it stood at £1.60, now it's hovering around 80p.
    no its not recession proof you twat why would it be???

    Already some of the hardcore Xbox gamers are sneering at Kinect as being useless for the kind of titles they play - which is surely missing the point.
    no its not missing the point you dumbass. that is the bloody point!

    By contrast, Nintendo's console, launched as the family friendly alternative, will be home for the first time to the Call of Duty franchise - will Super Mario Galaxy fans really graduate to an 18-rated game with a Cold War plot?
    first off its not the first call of duty on a wii and Super Mario Galaxy is infinatly better than any of the CODs. oh yeah and it's an 18 - you mentioned it emplying that the mario galaxy players instantly jump to it as if it is the next logical step like the world will be full of 10 year olds playing COD on wii's "oh the horror" - fucking dumbass

    To sum up, everyone in the industry - developers, publishers, console makers and retailers - is wandering around an unfamiliar landscape.
    no, no they are not. they make it we buy it, we buy enough they make another. these guys know exactly what they are doing.

    stuff like this annoys me i wouldnt start writing about the political troubles in china, why because i dont understand them - then again im not a "journalist"

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    lol bob the skutter just pointed out some of the comments on the article
    All shoot-em-up games should require that any 'player' who kills an opponent should be forced to write a heartfelt letter of condolence to the mother of the victim.

    No ifs and no buts, these games encourage violence and the consequences of violence needs to be drummed into all the players.
    and this was somebodys reply to it
    John_from_Hendon, above. The day I commit an illegal violent act (which would, of course, be down the 25 years or so I've been playing games) I'll be perfectly willing to write letters to all of the mothers of the tens, possibly hundreds of thousands of people, aliens, animals and other assorted creatures I've brutally murdered in that time.


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    ^I think you're misconstruing some of the points being made in the article. Such as the recession proof thing. Big companies said gaming was recession proof that's why he's asking the question.
    The thing about Call of Duty on the wii is a bit stupid, since there are already multiple Call of Duty games on the Wii. I don't know where they got that Black Ops is the first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob The Skutter View Post
    ^I think you're misconstruing some of the points being made in the article. Such as the recession proof thing. Big companies said gaming was recession proof that's why he's asking the question.
    i dont know anything about how share prices work but last year was when game purchased game station wasnt it? do things like that not make share prices go up? (i bet sonicmole would know he's clever and stuff) only for them to drop back off, also if online retail is on the up for games thats going to take a chunk out of the shops. if game started doing webprices instore any troubles they have would be ended overnight i was in gamestation earlyer and F1 2010 was £43!!!! WTF! i bought it for £32 online back when it came out.

    that said its possible i've read the whole thing wrong i'll be honest i dont even know what my point was anymore

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    Quote Originally Posted by justbiglee View Post
    i dont know anything about how share prices work but last year was when game purchased game station wasnt it?
    just checked my facts it was 2007 so ignore that - lol im such a hypocrite

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    Default THAT BBC Article

    **edit by Lee i moved this here**

    Full Story Here

    This just made me mad. I'm fed up of reading from established news corps. how they know better because they have an editor for technology. We've had a cracking year this year. Lots of big releases, lots of commercial success, great reviews and a MASSIVE E3. New technology announced, new technology released, updates to the existing platforms and a huge expansion in DLC that is changing the way we play games. Digital Distribution has gone massive and Indie developers have exploded. Minecraft has made over a million, Garys Mod has made over a million, Angry birds has stormed the iPhone and Facebook has become a viable gaming platform.

    Games shares have dropped nearly 50% because they've fully taken over Gamestation now, they're financially accountible for the gaming highstreet in the UK and the highstreet is still suffering! The recession meant that people just wanted cheap and Amazon is blowing every company out the water with that. You can get the same game you want, before you go to work on release day and at 15 to 20 pounds cheaper.

    Microsoft are in for a fantastic christmas, the Wii will be in great supply for anyone thats missed out and it's expected that next year, Sony could possibly close the gap on the 360.

    Gaming is healthy and theres more out their for all of us. Its an unfamiliar landscape to you arrogant 'journalists' that haven't a sodding clue what you're talking about.

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    Yeah, I do remember the "recession proof" thing being bandied about way back when. Anyway, the main thing is that it's an article written by someone who has at best a superficial knowledge of gaming. I fail to see any worth in it at all.

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    The thing with Game's share prices is a bit of a stupid point really. Since last year supermarkets and other shops like HMV have made a bigger effort with games. You often see big offers being made on games by supermarkets that easily out strip Game's offers. Besides Game is a shitty shop that anyone in their right mind avoids if possible. Their share prices have no connection to the game industry over all just their own business.

    I think your point was BBC Have no clue about games.

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    I think one of the commenters has a point about why are there no video gaming shows? Books, films, music all of shows dedicated to them and we're often told that gaming is now bigger than all of them, so why no games shows? Get Charlie Brooker on to a Gameswipe series, now.

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