Daedalic Announce First Turn-Based RPG

Ordinarily, Daedalic are known for their quirky, usually gorgeous-looking point and click adventures, with an impressive back-list which includes Deponia, Edna and Harvey: The Breakout, and Chains of Satinav.  Now, however, it appears that they are moving into new territory, with the announcement that they are developing their first turn-based RPG, Blackguards.  Yes, you heard us right.  Not only that, however, but it will be a great deal darker than the usual Daedalic titles, although, to be honest, none have really been without a healthy dose of dark humour, in our experience.

The player is dropped into the boots of a convicted murderer who is traveling through Adventuria.  Of course, no RPG would be complete without companions, and the player will be accompanied by drug-addicted half-elf and a lecherous wizard (we’re loving the sound of this already… can you just hear the ventricles slamming shut in the hearts of Daily Mail readers?  We can.)  With a strong focus on storytelling, Blackguards will be dishing out up to 40 hours of gameplay, with tactical combat, a host of nasties to battle, and a range of major and minor quest-lines to keep things busy.  The story is said to be dark and full of loss, betrayal, and all manner of other happy things – we look forward to it.

Blackguards is aiming for Summer release, so watch this space.

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