System Shock 2 To Come To GOG

Before GLADoS there was SHODAN, and before BioShock there was System Shock, the cult series developed by Ken Levine and Irrational Games, set in a not-too distant Cyberpunk future. Though since considered a cult-classic, it’s been practically impossible to get hold of System Shock 2, and like many titles released pre-Y2K, it would be incredibly difficult to get it running properly if you were somehow able to acquire a copy, anyhow.

The spiritual precursor to recent adventures in Rapture has been oft-requested at Good Old Games, a site highly-recommended by some of us here at GamingLives, and it seems that fans of creepy dystopian nightmares may soon have their wishes granted, as the incredibly complicated battle over rights to System Shock 2 have finally been settled and will soon release as a timed-exclusive on the retro-specialist storefront. GOG’s edition of the game will come with the soundtrack, the original pitch document, maps and updates that fix many of the original release’s glaring issues and faults that fans later patched themselves.

There’s also word of a Steam release in the not too distant future, but plans may inevitably be delayed if SHODAN gets loose, infiltrates our systems and brings us all crashing down in ways Skynet would be kicking itself for not thinking of.

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