Campaign For Game Music Recognition Revs Up For 2013

After their success last year, the dedicated folk organising the Classic Videogame Music campaign are once again asking for help from passionate gamers who care about not just videogame music, but how our industry is perceived.  Thanks to their hard work in raising awareness and, of course, casting their votes, gamers succeeded in getting two videogame tracks into the Classic FM Hall of Fame last year: Aerith’s Theme and the theme from Skyrim.  On the back of this success came two hour long shows in November and December 2012, focussed entirely on music from games, with titles such as Uncharted, Final Fantasy, Heavy Rain, and World of Warcraft getting air time.

With gaming seemingly locked in a perpetual struggle with mainstream media over issues such as violence, maturity, and alleged effects on the young, it has been an uphill struggle to get any aspect of it taken seriously or accepted as, dare we say it, an art form, so the fact that this campaign has had such a success in its first twelve months is admirable, especially when it comes to a respected and venerable institution like Classic FM.

So what now?  Those behind the drive aren’t resting on their laurels and have been waging a similar campaign for 2013.  Voting ends 15th February and there are already plenty of pieces of videogame music in the database, unless you want to add a suggestion of your own – as long as it is orchestral or arranged by an orchestra, there is no problem.  Votes can be cast here: and while ClassicFM is a UK radio station, anyone from around the world can vote, so overseas GL readers, go do your thing.

For more news and to follow the campaign’s work and success, find them here:

Twitter: @classicvgmusic

We here at GLHQ see this as another step in legitimising games in the ‘wider world’ and garnering respect from an often hostile, ignorant, and ill-informed media; it is a cause well worth supporting, not just for the love of music, but for how games as well as their component parts are perceived in general.

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