The People’s Republic Of China Marches Into World Of Tanks

In their fifteenth year of bringing mayhem wherever they go, the folk at Wargaming are celebrating the massive success of World of Tanks with a bang this new year. After launching in March 2011, the armoured-vehicle based MMO now boasts over 45 million players in over 205 countries and a record-breaking half million concurrent users in Russia; all massive achievements that firmly disprove any notions created by those unsure of the free-to-play market. With all of these milestones being broken left right and centre, fans might be expecting new content to keep them storming onto the battlefield, and those looking for it will no doubt be satiated by Wargaming’s newest update to their MMO-Megahit World of Tanks.

The newest expansion will bring a distinctively Mao-flavoured arsenal to the battleground, with seventeen Chinese tanks available to unlock and play with. What makes this update in line with the fantasy aspect of tanks across history waging battle is that many of the armoured-vehicles created for the expansion will be the first time you’ll ever see them in their completed glory.  Some of the specially-created monsters were based on blueprints and plans for tanks that the Chinese intended to make themselves, but never made the final jump into full production. These “trophy tanks” – attempts by the communist regime to improve upon the designs and flaws of their capitalist counterparts – help add a whole extra dimension to the free-to-play master-class.

Theoretically harder, better, faster, stronger, these tanks aim to represent the pinnacle of Chinese design and create an extra dynamic to the World of Tanks.  After all, there’s no established history as to how many of the tanks ever fought against their armoured counterparts created by rival nations, meaning this expansion is perfect for those constantly creating “what if?” scenarios with their military history.

Throw in some new Chinese inscriptions and emblems to decal your vehicles and a whole new tech-tree to master and there’s plenty more content in store and customisations to tinker with once the People’s Republic march into the free-to-play behemoth World of Tanks.

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