Will Lara Get By With A Little Help From Her Friends?

Looks like Lara won’t be raiding tombs by herself anymore, as Crystal Dynamics have recently confirmed that her latest outing will contain a multiplayer mode.  This will no doubt cause a rather vocal outcry from those about to gather their torches and pitchforks, thanks to another release that didn’t need a multiplayer and fears it’ll impact the quality of the single player campaign.

Hopefully, those fears will be allayed (or exacerbated) by the news that Crystal Dynamics themselves spent all of their development time on the single player, whilst Eidos Montreal – developers of the excellent Deus Ex: Human Revolution (or Human Resources, if you ask our resident ranter Richie) and the upcoming Thief 4 (some here at Gaminglives refuse to call it Thi4f) – will be taking the helm on the multiplayer madness.

Thanks to a since-removed listing by high-street retailers GAME, the current rumours abound claim that you’ll be playing as either Lara’s shipmates or the evil scavengers populating the island of Yamatai throughout these modes, so don’t count on rooms full of Laras shooting each other for the time being.

Tomb Raider is still scheduled to hit shores (we mean stores, sorry) on the 5th March.

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