Say “Goodbye Deponia” In 2013

Daedalic Entertainment, purveyors of amazing point and click titles such as Edna & Harvey: The Breakout and the upcoming Rabbit’s Apprentice have announced “Goodbye Deponia”, the final part in the trilogy following lovable anti-hero Rufus.  After the events of Chaos On Deponia, Rufus finally has a plot to reach Elysium and save Deponia from the destruction that awaits it, when it seems that his talent for mischief will once again get the better of him. So extreme is the mess he makes that he’d have to exist threefold to clean it all up…

We here at Gaminglives were big fans of the first two installments in this trilogy, with both receiving a nine out of ten (and in the case of the first chapter, an Editor’s Choice from Lorna), so we can’t wait to see how Daedalic aim to finish the series, and if the ever-lovable loser can redeem himself before it’s too late.

Goodbye Deponia is scheduled for an early Autumn 2013 release, giving all those who’ve missed out on the series so far plenty of time to buy it, play it, and start making ridiculous contraptions of their own to stave off the wait to Rufus’ final adventure.

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